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Cammy’s ancestors came to American many years ago after assassinating the Prince of Prussia.   She may also be related to the source of a well known wonder tale.  She hales from the great state of Texas, but has spent a large part of her adult life in exile.  No matter what she says, she’s the brains of this operation, but thanks to a severe case of imposter syndrome she’ll never admit it.  She holds a degree in Computer Science from the University with one of the highest suicide rates in the nation where she once attempted to destroy her roommate’s television by smearing it with peanut butter.  This was not out of any animosity towards her roommate, but rather out of her deep love of watching things explode.  She also holds a Law Degree.  Here at It’s My TV, It’s My Peanut Butter she is both in charge of the technical computery stuff and the us not getting sued stuff.  And an equal share of the writing.  For some bizarre reason she does not resent the fact that her partner-in-crime is letting her do all the hard work.  Though she has tried to explain her current day job, it’s rather difficult to comprehend, so Kristy has chosen to believe she’s an international arms dealer.

She’s generally a beer drinker, but it doesn’t take much to persuade her to enjoy a margarita, a gin and tonic, or a glass of shiraz.  She has an unhealthy love for The Sound of Music and Danish rap.  Okay, there’s nothing unhealthy about Danish rap.  She can embroider, make pirogies from scratch, repair your computer and discuss the legal nuances of Supreme Court cases.  Yeah, she’s that insanely well rounded kid who sat next to you in calculus class and drove you crazy.  But fortunately for her, she’s also charming.



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Kristy bucks the trend that says that youngest kids are the slackers in a family.  In addition to surviving the educational boot-camp experience of The College of William and Mary for her Bachelor’s in Latin American Studies, she has also survived a Masters in Folklore, walking away with a degree and a publication under her belt.  In between all this she’s challenged her admittedly underdeveloped self preservation instinct by braving classrooms of middle schoolers, high schoolers, and college students, contorting her body into highly unnatural positions…in public…for profit…legally, dangling from high locations, flying through the air (with, and occasionally without, the greatest of ease), being a counter-narc in South America, living in Washington, D.C., performing with people who wield swords and not just applying for PhD programs, but getting into them (remember that Masters?  One day, through the magic of extended grad-student poverty, it will turn into a PhD).

Despite this list of achievements, Kristy has still chosen to lower herself to join forces with some nobody she met several years back to work on It’s My TV, It’s My Peanut Butter, a showcase for her own witty and snarktastic commentary (and for the occasional drivel by that other chick).

Kristy is also into Pina Coladas….and Pisco Sours…and Fresca Margaritas.   But not getting caught in the rain.  Really, who wants to be cold and wet?  She finds Mary Poppins all but morally offensive, believes that broccoli is a magic wonder-vegetable and she learned to make the perfect hash-browns in 2009.

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