Coffee Out of the Blue

Would we drink coffee with Debbie Gibson?

Kristy: My nine year old self demands that I say yes.  My thirty year old self realizes that could be a risky decision–after all, Debbie Gibson’s Electric Youth was the first album I bought (on cassette tape–my sister already had Out of the Blue).  She was my first concert.  I seriously loved me some Debbie Gibson back in the day.  And it can be dangerous to meet your idols, because they usually turn out to be human.  I think it might be okay in this case, however, because while I still like Deborah (all grown up now) just fine, I haven’t really done anything that would qualify me as a big fan since buying Anything is Possible.  So any illusions that get shattered will be old ones I don’t really need anymore.

Besides I’d be interested to ask her a few things.  Firstly, whatever happened to the movie she was supposed to be starring in (I think it was called Skirts).  Nine year old me was really excited about that movie and loved the duet from it she sang in concert (“Love Under my Pillow” which I believe was never released on any album).  It might also be interesting to ask whether she has any regrets about the major shift in her image right before making Anything is Possible since the album didn’t do so well.  Or was it worth it to do what she wanted to artistically.  It might also be interesting to hear how she would compare solo singing to Broadway.

Cammy: Sure, what the heck.  I, too, was a DG fan waaaaay back in the day.  Out of the Blue and Electric Youth were my first forays in to music that was not filed under country.  This was a big thing for me.  So, I kinda owe her a cup of coffee.  Of course, Anything Is Possible kinda blew goats and it would be a good couple of years before I ventured out of the purely country realm again.  Given the long-term impact, I definitely want to hear her excuse in response to Kristy’s question.  And, I’d kinda like the chance to let her know that her bubble-gum pop is not as insignificant as some might make it seem.  No, Out of the Blue and Electric Youth may not have sold in the numbers of a Brittney Spears album, but they were still part of the soundtracks of the 80s childhoods of kids like Kristy and me.  I mean, I’m still jealous that Kristy actually got to go to the Electric Youth concert.  And that kind of thing was a source of kinship when we got to college (where I will admit that Kristy and I once rocked out at a stoplight in Newport News to Electic Youth while we were out thrift-storing).  I figure that kind of thing might be nice for her to hear.

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