Drink Coffee Like a Pirate?

I figured since this blog didn’t acknowledge Talk like a Pirate Day last week, maybe we’d consider buying one a cup of coffee this week.

Would we drink coffee with Sir Francis Drake?

Kristy:  I’ll admit I’ve been back and forth on this one.  On the one hand, I’m not sure he sounds like a very nice guy.  On the other hand, he’s Sir Francis Drake.  Which means I think I have to say yes.  Though we may have to move the conversation to the bar as I’m not sure Sir Francis drinks anything with an alcohol content lower than 5%.  I’m not entirely sure what to think of the man:  I want to respect him for climbing his way up the notoriously slippery English social ladder.  And for being a decent military strategist.  And for having some seriously large huevos.  But then sometimes he just sounds someone who was looking for a fight and financial gain wherever he could find in, regardless of the results.  Then there’s the fact that every Sir Francis Drake I’ve known (I’ve known at least two) has kind of played the role like the Renaissance equivalent of a rock/movie star.  Which you have to figure he was on some level.  So maybe having a drink with him would settle that. And if nothing else, you know the man’s got great stories, and seems to have had a reasonable sense of humor.  And should things get out of hand, I’m fairly sure Mary keeps a shotgun behind the bar.

Cammy:  I didnt know much about ol’ Sir Francis prior to Kristy’s discussion above and my follow up googling.  I’m sure he’s likely to have cool stories.  And if he’s the kind of rock-star type, he’ll have groupies.  That being the case, I’m not sure I so much want to have a drink with him as just be in the audience when he gets enough hooch in him to go on a roll.  If I were more interested in military strategy, I’d rather have coffee with him sober to pick his brain, but that topic only catches my interest now and then (once in a blue moon) so for the most part, I’m happy to hang around and listen to whopping tales of the high seas (hopefully with some good defeating-the-Spanish-Armada recounting), but I don’t care much to do the small group setting.  And if Mary’s got the shotgun, I’m more than happy to operate it should the need arise.

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