Intimidating Coffee

Would we drink coffee with Boudica?

Kristy:  Of course.  I used to drink coffee with Boudica all the time.  She’d sit on my computer desk while I ate breakfast and… oh… wait… we aren’t talking about Bridget’s cat here, are we?  We’re talking about that legendary-historical British queen.  … Okay, I’m going to cautiously say yes.  Because there’s so little recorded about her it’s difficult to get any sense of her personality.  But you have to respect a woman of her era who took power, fought back, let an army against a superior military force and actually had a degree of success.  And for her badassery, I would like to buy her a cup of coffee.  But I must also acknowledge that the ability to do all that might make her a little… scary.  But you know, we’ll be in a public place.  And I trust Mary to protect me from behind the bar.  So I’m going to go with a cautious yes.

Cammy:  I was there when I thought it was the kitty.  The real thing kinda scares me.  Like Kristy said, there isn’t a lot of verifiable data on Boudica, but everything I hear makes me think she was fierce.  Scary fierce.  And I would be a little too worried I would step wrong with her and she would end me.  That said, I kinda want to listen in and find out more about the woman.  So, I’ll find a spot at the bar where I can listen in…and possibly lay down cover fire to let Kristy escape, if needed.

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