Coffee Nevermore?

Would We Have Coffee With Edgar Allan Poe?

Cammy:  I’ve never been a Poe fan, outside of a slight soft spot for the “Tell Tale Heart.”  The whole dark, macabre subject matter just doesn’t usually appeal to me.  Also, he married a 13 year old, which, by the time he was around, was already creepy.  That said–I want to have coffee with him, morose and slightly off balance though he may be.  90% of this has to do with the preview I saw today for some kind of horror flick tied to Poe and “The Raven.”  Watching the preview, I had to wonder what Poe would think.  Because while there’s plenty of dark and horrific subject matter in his work, he never seemed to me to be going for the kind of cheap thrills you get in the never ending list of shitty gore-or films that are forever pouring into theaters.  Would he find it as craptastic as I do, or would he be intrigued?  Given that he was also into cosmology and cryptography (further topics for potential nerd discussion), I tend to think he would probably take a dim view of the shitty horror thing.  All in all, I think that conversation with him is bound to be at least interesting, as long as we can keep him away from the bar and he can avoid being too depressed/crazy to chat.

Kristy: Yes. I’ve spent enough time teaching the man’s work I feel like I ought to. Also I’ve always admired his work stylistically, even when I haven’t been that enamoured of the subject matter (my opinions on the macabre have gone back and forth a few times). This was a man who understood the craft of writing. With that in mind I’d like to hear his thoughts on the current state of popular literature. Like Cammy I’d like to hear his thoughts on contemporary horror. Did he avoid “going there” because of social constraints of his time or was his style of horror a more deliberate choice. I like to think he’ll find contemporary horror to be a bit cheap in its use of gore and superficial emotional content. I also want to ask him all those nerdy English major questions: How autobiographical is his work? Who was the subject of “Annabel Lee”? We know his biography was distorted after his death, but how much? If nothing else I should get some great material for future lectures.

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