Colombian Coffee

Would we have coffee with…Shakira (aka Isabel Mebarek Ripoll)?

Kristy: Definitely. I’m a fan of Shakira’s but not the biggest by a long shot. I own one album (and perhaps a few downloaded tracks). Until Cammy floated me a copy I was unaware of her latest release. But I find her to be a very interesting person. In addition to being talented she’s also obviously very intelligent. It’s funny thought, because while being smart and independent were huge parts of her image in Latin American 10 years ago, in the US she’s kind of allowed the image of the exotic dippy blonde to take over. At first I thought she was a victim of poor record company promotion, but it’s gone on so long I’ve started to think it’s strategy. So I’d like to have coffee with her to ask her about it. My current theory is that she thought her chances of success in the US were higher if she was just an exotic sex kitten than if American realized there was more behind the shimmy. But I’d like verification on that. I’d also like to have a general conversation with her about things ranging from the Columbian poltical situation to the position of women in the music recording industry. And I feel like I should buy her a cup to thank her for always continuing charity work no matter how big she got.

Cammy:  I’ll have coffee with her, if only to demand a return to her pink-hair, angry-chick-rock-ness.  While her music still sounds great by and large, seeing a music or appearance from Shakira is a kind of let down when you are even passingly familiar with the days when her hair had pink streaks and she was rocking out “Si Te Vas” and “Ojos Asi.”  I’m eager to hear what answers she gives to Kristy about the image change (I might even be willing to hold off on my return to pink-hair demands).  And will she be funny?  Usually smart people are funny, but….And after Kristy’s done with Colombian politics?  I’m gonna ask her about the REALLY important stuff:  Mexican remakes of Colombian telenovelas!  Where does she stand on “En los tacones de Eva” vs. “Por Ella Soy Eva”?  Is she all about “Yo Soy Betty La Fea” or is it “La Fea Mas Bella”?  You think I’m kidding, but I want to know.

Note:  The Management would like to apologize for the late appearance of this post.  Technical difficulties (read: Cammy screwed it up) happened.

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