Coffee with Deborah Sampson

Would we drink coffee with Deborah Sampson?

Kristy: Well, having had coffee with most of our founding fathers, I suppose it’s appropriate that I have coffee with one of our founding mothers. Okay, “founding mother” might be something of an exaggeration since she had nothing to do with our country separating from England or in establishing the government after. But TJ could have written all the poetic letters he wanted and GW could have triumphantly crossed all the rivers he wanted, if we hadn’t had the run of the mill soldiers to back them up, none of it would have mattered. And, you know, some of those soldiers were women. It’s nice to know. I’d like to have coffee with Deborah, because, honestly, I’d like to know more about her motivation. Did she join the army out of patriotism like the folk stories tend to make out, or if it was just a chance to get out of her life as it was. From what I’ve read about her life, she didn’t have a whole lot to leave behind. I’d also like to ask her whether it was hard to go back to living the restricted life of a woman after living as a man for so long. The records seem to make it clear she had a rough life before and after, but was no pushover. And if nothing else, you know that woman has some stories to tell.

Cammy:  But of course.  Sad as it is, I didn’t know who the hell she was until just now.  Doesn’t mean I don’t want to have coffee and see what she’s all about.  American history is sadly lacking in female figures for us gals to look up to.  And one who actually took up arms?  Yeah, how is it THAT little fact fails get mentioned in, oh, I dunno, every textbook I ever had?  I’m sure she’d be good for a chat about women in the U.S. military today and how it’s taken until 2012 for the DoD to start considering letting women do what she did over 225 years before (actually participate in combat).  Definitely looking forward to this round of coffee.

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