This Coffee is off the Record

As previously mentioned, I’ve been mainlining The West Wing while cooking or cleaning or doing mindless work. In trying to come up with someone for a “Coffee with” I thought, “Hey, what about President Bartlett?” Then I thought, “Wait, I think Cammy may have done him already.” So I checked. No, Cammy didn’t select Jed Bartlett for coffee, I did. Yeah, my memory’s crap. This led to me thinking who else from the show I would drink coffee with, and that led me to…

Would we drink coffee with C.J. Cregg?

Kristy: Most definitely. I shamelessly confess she was one of my favorite characters on the show, so how could I pass up the chance? She’s smart, she’s articulate, and she knows how to bring the funny. My only minor concern is that all those years as press secretary may have made her overly evasive on some topics–I doubt we’ll get any great dishy stories about her time in the White House. In my silly little fangirl fantasy world I also want to have coffee with her to get a few updates: Are she and Danny still together? That baby mentioned in S7Ep1, biological or adopted? What’s the rest of the gang up to? I suspect that while the conversation might begin over coffee, we might wind up migrating to the bar across the way. We saw her get boozy with the first lady and request her assistant find her some Cuervo 1800–you know this woman likes to knock a few back.

Cammy: Not even a question in my mind. Of course I’d have coffee with C.J. And I do believe I agree with Kristy on the booze migration. While CJ was definitely smart and articulate, she was not so scary-smart or overly articulate as to be intimidating, so the odds of actually being able to converse with her go way up. I don’t really want dishy stories on the White House, I’ll take the fan-girl updates (has SHE heard anything from Ainsley? And what mysterious abyss did they push Mandy into?), but really, I just want to hang out and people watch. C.J. is her own special kind of wacky and with the kind of crew that frequents the Spacial Anomaly, there will be no end of fodder for her to comment on (and possibly have her own fangirl squee moments over).

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