Coffee with the Lady of Mercia

Would we drink coffee with Aethelflaed?

Kristy: Yes. Surprise, surprise. Kristy’s willing to drink coffee with the badass medieval lady. But seriously, she would be an interesting one to talk to. Like most people from her era we know some of what she did, but very little of who she was. I would kind of like to know what she was like personality-wise. If Aethelred was already willing to make her co-ruler, you think she had to either be brilliant or super tough or both. Or was that all about impressing her daddy? Inquiring minds want to know. One of the things I like about her story is that while we have other examples of medieval women who got power through scheming and manipulation (which, admittedly, I enjoy as well), she seems to have just earned it outright. She was actually named ruler rather than having to find ways to control said rulers. I’d kind of be interested in hearing her perspective on the position of women after her time. A thousand years later England still seemed unsure of whether women should rule–you have to think she’d be a little miffed about that.

Cammy:  I have a strict policy which states I will always take the opportunity to sit down and drink any beverage with a person whose name begins with “Aethel-”   So far, the policy has not led me astray.  Not that it’s actually gone into practice anywhere but here, for beverages in the Spacial Anomaly Coffee Bar and Refueling Station, but nevertheless.  Realistically though, she seems like she must have been one smart cookie.  Kristy already covered the good questions, though I’d also like her two cents on the fact that she (like other women in history who were actually pretty awesome) is not even on people’s RADAR today?  I mean, I had no clue she existed until Kristy brought her up, and she’s not the first female monarch that’s been that way.

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