Coffee with… Mel Brooks

Kristy:  Would I drink coffee with Mel Brooks?  Seriously?  That’s a bit of a no brainer.  As we have established over and over again, we like the funny.  Mr. Brooks has made a career out of bringing the funny.  And funny that I have always enjoyed.  Funny that’s not shy, but not gross either.  Funny that’s sometimes intelligent and sometimes isn’t and revels in both.  What’s more, funny that sometimes has music in it!

But honestly, there’s more to it that just him being funny.  First of all, the man has been around for quite a while, second, he experienced a lot of life.  He’s got to have stories to tell.  If Wikipedia is to be believed (I know, I know, but it’s so easy to access) he gave his wife movie rights as an anniversary present.  How adorable is that?  Also, he apparently went to Virginia Military Institute (never would have guessed that).  So yes, I would drink coffee with him.  I expect to at some point snarf said coffee, but for Mel I’m willing to do that.

Cammy: Coffee with Mel Brooks?  Definitely count me in for this one.  I’m banking on some side-splitting laughs.  I’m sure you’re right about him having some awesome stories, but, really, I just want to bask in the funny.  Besides, he gave the world Spaceballs and anyone who did something that awesome is so worth having coffee with.

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  1. Mary says:

    History of the World Part I is right up there with Spaceballs for me; go-to gutbusters, both. We might consider some extra chairs for this particular klatsch.

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