Good morning starshine?

Battlestar Galactica lists are back this week because Cammy and I got off on our rotation and I decided this is the easiest way to fix it.

This go ’round we ponder what mornings are like on the Battlestar we call Galactica.  Who on board is a morning person? (we realize morning is an arbitrary construct when you’re drifting through space, but hypothetically speaking…)

Adama: No.  You don’t want to run into him outside his quarters in the morning before he’s had enough coffee.

Roslin: No, but she’s not evil about it.  She’s just quiet and speaks in monosyllables

Billy: No, but he tries to fake it.  He’s kinda bleary eyed and his hair might be a bit mussed.

Gaius: Strangely, yes.

Six: She’s a pretty even keel all day long.

Doctor: Hell no.  He’s wearing a 10am shadow

Dee: Yes.  Annoyingly pleasant.

Apollo: He’s quiet also, tries to fake it.  He’s more successful at doing so than Billy unless he was drinking with Starbuck the night before.

Starbuck: Another hell no!  The only exception is if there’s someone around more hung over than her—in that case she takes great delight in tormenting them (“Good morning, sunshine!”)

Tyrol: Best to avoid him for first couple of hours.  Don’t ask him questions.  Don’t try to make his coffee, you’ll just make it wrong.

Callie: She’s pretty zombie like, but not cranky.

Helo: Up and at ‘em kind of guy.  Would get up and run if there were somewhere to run.

Sharon: She’s functional, but not fun.

Gaeta: Considering he was up till 3am playing PlayStation he’s pretty coherent.

Tigh: No!  He reverts to primal grunting.

Ellen: Morning?  She doesn’t get up till after 12:00.

Tori: No, she gets up when she has to, but it’s about face time rather than feeling up to it.

Anders: Absolutely!  He loves mornings!  I’m convinced this was a big part of the failure of his marriage to Kara.

Leoben: Morning person presumes that he sleeps.  We’re not sure he does.  Time is kind of irrelevant for him.

Zarek: Yes.  And he’s smug about it too.

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