Best part of waking up?

What are the morning beverages of choice aboard the Battlestar Galactica.

Adama: Coffee.  Black.

Roslin: Green gunk with a hot tea chaser.

Billy: Diet Coke

Gaius: Tea.  Probably Darjeeling.

Six: Skim milk Latte

Doctor: Coffee (with a little bit of help)

Dee: Some kind of protein shake.  Grab and go.

Apollo: Tea.  But a manly tea like Lapsang Soochong (sp?)

Starbuck: Coffee.  Though she’s a big believer in the hair of the dog principle

Tyrol: Coffee.  Which he makes.  According to a very specific system

Callie: Orange juice.

Helo: Gatorade

Sharon: Fruit smoothie

Gaeta: Mountain Dew

Tigh: Taster’s Choice (with a little sumpin’ sumpin’)

Ellen: Expensive coffee.

Tori: Starbucks tea/espresso drink

Anders: Red bull

Leoben: Doesn’t need a morning beverage

Zarek: Americano

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