Most Likely to Fly a Battlestar

Lets imagine that certain high school traditions with which we’re familiar exist in similar forms on the twelve colonies.  Like high school superlatives.  What high school superlatives would various Battlestar Galactica characters have likely earned?

Adama: Most likely to kick ass and take names.  (or inspired by that mustache) Most likely to shoot up Columbus, NM.

Roslin: Most likely to lead the way.

Billy: Most likely to succeed.

Gaius: Our favorite lockerbait.

Six: Most likely to violate the dress code.

Doc Cottle: Driest wit.

Dee: Most likely to break hearts.  Probably for some pretty boy with daddy issues who doesn’t even have a debate team ring!  … Sorry… we digress…

Apollo: Best dressed

Starbuck: Best shot (at pyramid, of course)

Tyrol: Most likely to invent a super powered doomsday device.

Cally: Most likely to become an 80’s pop icon.

Helo: The one we’d most like to be stranded on a devastated planet with.

Sharon: Most likely to be more than meets the eye.

Gaeta: Was actually voted Most likely to sing “Tainted Love” backwards during a joint session of the legislature, but blackmailed his way into Most eligible bachelor.

Tigh: Most likely to become a spokesmodel for Rogaine.

Ellen: Most likely to drive a man to drink.

Tori: Most likely to bang a cult leader, crack under pressure

Anders: Biggest jock

Leoben: Most likely to be a stalker.  Or a hitman.

Zarek: Zarek did not participate in any sort of superlative nonsense as superlatives are merely a tool to reinforce the classist, patriarchal system… blah… blah… blah…

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