BSG goes DC

Okay, this list requires a slight bit of explanation.  Back when Mary and I were creating these lists we both lived in the greater Washington DC Metro area.  One night over a couple of Daddy’s Little Girls (coffee infused Patron, run through a shaker with ice) we started pondering what the characters would be doing if they were in our area.  Kind of like a reverse Mary Sue.  This is what we came up with:

What would the inhabitants of the Battlestar Galactica do/where would they live if they lived int he DC Metro area?

Adama: Retired military working for a defense contractor, Lives in South Arlington on the Columbia Pike Corridor (Thai and Salvadoran food to satisfy his spicy food cravings)

Roslin: A Prof at NOVA where she teaches English and Speech, lives in Del Ray, Frequents Eastern Market

Billy: Lives at Balston but hangs out in bars at Clarendon and Courthouse.  He’s that guy in the suit you know he couldn’t really afford handing out his business card (a present from his mom) in bars

Gaius: Lives in a townhouse in DuPont; is a Prof at Georgetown, donates generously to a charter school

Six: lives in a modern condo in Pen Quarter; seems to be independently wealthy of live on family money, no one is quite sure what she does, but she’s very smart

Doc Cottle: Lives in Prince George’s County, MD in a formerly nice apartment building; works in public health, a county clinic or something, probably makes house calls; he’s a crochety old man, but he finds ways to help people, but all of his ways may not be legal

Dee: Lives in a small place in Columbia Heights (a less trendy place on the fringes), works for a  non-profit, not super social, but she goes out with her coworkers from time to time

Apollo: He’s the guy Billy wants to be.  They frequent the same bars, but Lee’s much better at the whole networking, smooth talking things.  JAG.  He’s a graduate of the Air Force Academy who lives on Capital Hill, but hangs out in Courthouse and Clarendon.  Involved in a few social causes he feels strongly about, very green, has a ZipCar membership, but kinda wants a SmartCar (though he knows Kara will mock it).  Sees a therapist weekly to discuss his daddy issues.

Starbuck: Lives in Southeast but isn’t worried because she carries a weapon and is confident she can take anyone who bothers her.  Papa Adama and Lee are always trying to get her to move.  Works as a security consultant.

Tyrol: Works at a contractor out at Reston and lives in Reston as well  Loves the whole suburban lifestyle.  Lives in a cookie cutter McMansion and feeds the houseplants on a very regulated schedule

Cally: Lives in a house with a bunch of other girls near Ballston; she has a basement room.  Works as an auditor and spends her days shuffling between sites.

Helo: Secret Service.  Lives in Virginia Square but is looking to buy a house (needs a yard for the dog)

Sharon: Lives in BFE Fairfax (probably near Bunnyman Bridge).  Likes to be alone.  Military, only there short term.

Gaeta: Lives in Tacoma Park (over the sketch sushi place) and works for some kind of Government contractor doing computer stuff.  He can’t really talk about it.

Tigh: Works with Papadama who helped him get the contractor job.  Lives in a run down house in Annandale.  Doesn’t like yard work except this one tree he really digs.  Has something of a rivalry with his neighbors the Gonzaleses

Ellen: Lives with Tigh, but is unhappy with the house.  She’s that lady in the SUV getting a $300 hair cut out at Tyson’s somewhere who wears nothing but designer clothes her husband can’t afford.

Tori: Just moved into the district from Silver Spring.  Possibly lives in the Chinatown area in a small apartment.  Works for the senator of a small state.

Anders: Lives in Pentagon Row and plays for DC United.

Leoben: Lives in a condo in Capital Hill.  Works as a therapist and stalks Starbuck on his spare time.

Zarek: On the DC Board and wants to run for mayor.  Thought about being the Rep to Congress, but he’s scared of Eleanor Holmes Norton.

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