Who likes it spicy?

Who aboard the Battlestar Galactica can handle their capsicum?  Do they like spicy food?

Adama: Hell yeah!  Pass the habanero.

Roslin: She can do it, but it’s not her favorite thing.  She doesn’t really make a habit of it.

Billy: Not so much.  He has a very sensitive GI.  Mild salsa is about the best he can do.

Gaius: Has a high tolerance but uses it in “interesting” ways.

Six: Yes.  But she’s not out to prove anything.

Doc Cottle: Yes, but he doesn’t like anything fancy–tabasco is his standby.  He does have the disturbing habit of putting pickled jalapenos in his oatmeal.

Dee: She can handle a decent amount of spice, but she’s not much of a fan of it.

Apollo: Oh dear, no!  He’s a delicate flower.  Poor thing has endured many painful dinners being mocked by his dad and Kara.

Starbuck: Are you kidding?  She snorts wasabi, uses habanero as a hangover cure, and hangs out with Papa ‘dama.

Tyrol: He didn’t used to like spicy food, but recently he’s started using it as a form of masochism.

Cally: She likes jalapeno poppers, but that’s about it.

Helo: He uses chilis in curing his meat, but he’s not in Dad or Starbuck territory.  He does have a decently high tolerance.

Sharon: Yes.  Like Tyrol she uses spice as self-flagellation.

Gaeta: He tries, but it upsets his tummy.

Tigh: Yeah, he sometimes mixes it in with his booze.  He can’t handle the same amount Adama does.  He once lost a chile eating contest to Starbuck and doesn’t like to talk about it.

Ellen: She has no real spice tolerance, but she’ll eat gourmet food if it’s spicy..

Tori: Generally spicy food aggravates her ulcer, but she’s been experimenting with Gaius.

Anders: No.  He tries to keep up with Starbuck and fails.

Leoben: He can handle it, but he’s a bit of a gourmet and prefers things subtle.

Zarek: He can handle basic spicy, but nothing outlandish.

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