Okay, so we’ve seen a fair amount of ink on our intrepid cast of characters.  And some piercings here and there.  But what haven’t we seen?

Secret tattoos and piercings:

Adama: Big ass bird of prey on his shoulder or manly chest

Roslin: Has a four leaf clover on her ankle.  We are not ready to rule out the possibility of a tramp stamp from her younger days.

Billy: He had a cartilage piercing in high school and college, but took it out when he started interviewing for jobs.

Gaius: Downtown piercing.  Something tribal on the back of his neck.

Six: Definite tramp stamp.

Doc Cottle: Donald Duck somewhere and a pin up on his arm.

Dee: Got a dolphin tattooed on her ankle so Lee would think she was interesting.

Apollo: Probably has something tribal on his arm.

Starbuck: Honestly not sure she has anything we haven’t seen, but we won’t rule out a downtown piercing.

Tyrol: Had Sharon’s initials tattooed on his shoulder then tried to have it altered, but it wasn’t super successful.

Cally: Nothing

Helo: Nothing.  He’s au naturale.

Sharon: Navel ring.

Gaeta: Had nipple rings in his crazy college days.

Tigh: Colonial insignia on his arm.

Ellen: Foreign characters down the back of her neck, but has no clue what they mean.

Tori: Butterfly tramp stamp.

Anders: Pyramid themed tats.  Cartilage piercing.

Leoben: Pierced tongue.  Which he’s thought of very interesting uses for.

Zarek: Has a family crest or something pretentious like that.

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  1. Mary says:

    Ellen thought she was getting a tattoo that meant wealth, power, beauty, etc., but the sketch tattoo artist got tired of her and wrote filthy, skank, ho instead.

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