Cammy Reads Twilight: Conflict? What Conflict?

I continued to soldier through the book, but only when there was nothing better on TV.  So, Bella was annoying, Edward was more scary than romantic, the show-don’t-tell violation count is through the roof….but I’m still waiting on real conflict to happen.  There are these moments where I think we’re going to get a real conflict, or at least something that feels truly uncomfortable to deal with, but these moments are never really brought to fruition.  They are set up and then allowed to completely fizzle.  It’s as if the author is rooting so hard for Bella and Edward that she can’t really allow anything to cause them issues.

Take the meeting of the Cullens.  Seriously?  The opportunity was there to make this story a lot more interesting.  A little family disapproval drama goes a long way.  After all, at this point, the only actual hurdle Bella and Edward had encountered in their twisted little relationship was the vampire vs. human difference.  I’ll grant you, that’s a sizable difference, but even that was treated as….nothing.  Bella and her little “Oh, you’re such a perfect Adonis hottie that I don’t even care that by your very nature, you want to kill me and drain my blood” attitude took away most of the drama of the hurdle.  So really, meeting the family?  Should have been something more exciting.

Except, like everyone else, they all love this little Mary Sue.  Just as Bella doesn’t seem to actually put logical thought into the whole “my boyfriend is a vampire” thing and how that’s going to ultimately work out, neither does the Cullen family seem willing to mentally process the fact that they have been totally outed to this human chick with no coordination.  Where was the serious conversation with these folks about what Bella knowing their secret really means?  Where’s the parental conversation about where this is all going for Bella and Edward?  Something to introduce just a little discomfort here?

Yes, yes, I know Rosalie doesn’t like her.  In fact, I found Rosalie very endearing in this respect.  I tend to like characters I have something in common with.  I find Bella annoying.  Apparently, so does Rosalie, so, ya know, we’ve got that.  But, Rosalie’s a character that could pose a threat to the blissfully happy little romance, so she’s not allowed to say anything significant.  Other than being described as gorgeous and stubbornly displeased with the whole Bella kerfuffle, we know comparatively little about Rosalie.  Instead of letting her loose to cause a few problems, she’s just a description.  Another bit of the scenery.

It’s not much different with Billy–the only other mild threat.  He gets a little more page time–and significantly more dialog–than Rosalie, but at the end of the day, the threat he poses isn’t really confronted….it just kind of fizzles.

So, basically, it comes down to a real lack of conflict.  Once these two got over the only real obstruction–that first violent-hatred-reaction Edward had toward Bella inside of the first 90 pages–there’s been nothing that actually, legitimately got in their way.  And yet?  We continue on…..
Until the next time, when I wind this puppy up and discuss what is probably the saddest, most pathetic part of all…..

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