Changing Weather…Changing Drinks

I left town for literally one day and came back to a 40 degree drop in temperature.  Good times.

Among the other things that have to change with this temperature drop?  My drink preferences.

The evening before my short trip, I looked at my bottle o’ rum, looked at the internet, looked back at my bottle o’rum and contemplated what kind of cool and refreshing beverage I could concoct (I was lamenting my lack of Ginger Beer that would have allowed for a Dark & Stormy).  My quest led me past more than a few hot-rum drinks which, in the midst of weather that felt–in the words of a friend of mine–“like armpit”, sounded disgusting.

Tonight however?  Bring on the Hot Buttered Rum, y’all.

This is actually my first attempt at this particular drink.  Usually, I resort to hot rum drinks to alleviate the results of a close, personal encounter with the rhino-virus, and “butter” + “snot” is not really what I’m after.  Tonight, for once, I don’t care if the dairy element generates additional phlegm.  So I combined a few recipes and ad-hoc’d the rest.  1 T Butter, 1.25 tsp Cloves, 1.25 tsp cinnamon, dash of nutmeg, dash of all spice, 2 T brown sugar, 2 oz rum and hot water to fill the mug.   I think I should have cut back slightly on the cloves and added just a touch more butter, but otherwise, this is quite tasty.

Is this healthy?  Hell no.

Is it keeping me warm as this first legitimate winter blast sets in?  Yup.

Ending Our Summer Drought With A Drink (or 2, 3, 4…) for the Olympics

We are breaking in from our summer hiatus* to raise a glass in celebration of the Olympics.  What better way to enjoy the opening ceremonies than with a nice cool beverage?

Answer: With a drinking game** to better tie together your Olympic viewing experience and that beverage.

For now, we’ll start with the obvious stuff for the Opening Ceremonies (about which we have read no spoilers, so these are predominantly born of brainstorms between the two of us on what we expect London to show us).  Check back for more supplemental sections to enhance your viewing throughout this year’s games.



Take a drink if-

  • In a non-Olympic year, you watch less than 4 sports events a year.
  • The opening ceremonies will be the only think you actually watch from this sporting extravaganza (other than the closing ceremonies)

Parade of Nations:

Take a drink:

  • Every time the commentators mention the political situation in the country that just entered.
  • Every time a commentator trips over the name of a flag bearer.
  • Every time they tell us a sob story about a flag bearer.
    • Twice if it’s a sob story about the whole team.
  • Every time they mention the whole “US uniforms made in China” scandal.
  • Every time they mention a well known member of a country’s delegation who is not in attendance at the opening ceremonies.
  • Every time you see an athlete on his/her cell phone
  • If the Germans have ugly outfits. Again.
    • Twice if anyone has outfits significantly uglier than the Germans.
    • Three times if the Germans are actually stylin’
  • If NBC cuts to commercial when your favorite country should be walking in and you have to kind of peer at the background the rest of the show, trying to pick them out. (Include swearing at NBC should you feel like it.  I will.)

The Multimedia, Dancing, Musical with Flying and Flashing Lights Main Event:

Take a drink:

  • Every time a Bobby or Palace Guard is represented in the program
  • Every time the camera zooms in on a member of the royal family
    • Twice if it’s a woman wearing a strange hat.
    • If at any time in the show the Queen is mocked, chug every bit of alcohol you have in the house.
  • Every time the camera zooms in on some other world leader
    • Twice if said leader is clearly not paying attention.
  • Every time a British landmark is represented
    • Twice if it’s Big Ben.
  • If the Beatles or any single member thereof is shown, featured or represented
    • Three if you are not a fan of the Beatles.
  • If Elton John is shown.
    • Twice if he is actually part of the program. (Yeah, we know it’s inevitable).
  • If a commentator mentions that this is a smaller production than Beijing.  (No, shit.  Really?)
  • If there’s an aerial act (Also inevitable for everything post Albertville).
  • If an adorable British girl sings a solo.
    • And have a double bloody Mary tomorrow when it’s all over the news that she wasn’t actually the singer
  • If a commentator makes a remark about Britain’s diverse population
    • Twice if the commentator attributes this to the British Empire having subjugated peoples around the globe for hundreds of years….
  • If something in the program involves a representation of a pastoral scene with a sheep.
  • If any famous British literary figures are represented in the program.
    • Twice if it’s Shakespeare.
    • Three times if it’s Jane Austen.
    • Finish your glass if it’s Tolkien.
  • If there’s a Round Table.
    • Twice if it’s part of an identifiable reference to Arthurian legend


Be advised, this list could grow real-time depending on what we see while actually watching this beast….



  • SIP for everytime the NBC commentators make remarks that are way too negative/make you cringe for being American (SIP mind you, or you’ll be on the floor in no time)
  •  HOW did I forget to include the pastoral scene?  Drink for that.
    • Twice for any sheep you see
*Reasons for this are the subject of some other post
**Non-alcoholic may be the more wise choice if your weather is as hot as around here.

Drinking to Forget it’s Over

Somewhere along the way I developed the habit of inventing cocktails and desserts and naming them after fictional characters. I’ve made The Big Daddy Spencer (Psych), Aragorn brownies, Maddie Hayes ice cream, and a whole list of BSG inspired desserts which have previously been posted on this blog. I felt this tradition fitting to observe for the end of One Life to Live. To be honest, I have not test driven all of these. There’s only so much drinking a girl can do in a day or two.

The Rainbow’s End
1 oz vodka
1 oz white crème de cacao
3 oz orange peach mango juice (I would have just used orange juice, but this was what was in my fridge since it’s what was on sale this week)
drizzle of ginger syrup
splash of pomegranate syrup

Put the vodka, crème de cacao, juice, and ginger syrup in a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake vigorously. Strain into a martini glass. Pour in the pomegranate syrup which should sink to the bottom. Don’t mix. It should have a pretty gradiated color like a tequila sunrise, but a very different taste.

My thought process: The first theme song I remember for OLTL started with a lyric about “Here’s where you go when you can’t find the rainbow’s end”—that was the main inspiration. Ginger is soothing, much like this show that has been there for us through the years. Pomegranate: the forbidden fruit–what could be more soapy. Vodka is really just there to be booze, I’m not going to lie. I added the crème de cacao because my rough draft of this one tasted a little too tropical. The juice is there as a carrier and something to contrast with the color of the pomegranate. Read the rest of this entry »

Old Nerdy Party!

This isn’t much of a post really.  I’ve had two glasses of wine and a gin and tonic.

I’m at Cammy’s.  And as she’s said in yesterday’s post loyal readers Mary and Teapot are here too.  Whoo hoo!  As one of my students said Thursday, “Party!”

Only as I said to him, “Party like old nerdy people.”  Translation we spend a lot of time sitting around eating snack foods.  We went to get barbeque at a Kansas City barbeque place.  And it was delicious.  Then we drove around some interesting Mormon sites.  (waves to our token Mormon reader!)

Tomorrow there may be a trip to a museum.  And shortly there will be gin and tonic sorbet.  Because yes, I bring my ice cream maker on trips.

It occurs to me that my students would find this extremely lame.  It also occurs to me that I don’t give a damn.  Because I’m having a fantastic weekend with fantastic ladies.

Also, Cammy just poured me a glass of Chocovine.

Rock on!

Literary Drinking Games

This weekend friend of the blog Teapot sent Cammy and I a link to an Anne of Green Gables drinking game.  Score!  Now said drinking game is based on the television mini-series, but it got me thinking.  Why aren’t there drinking games for books?  I know, I know, there’s a limit to how much most of us can drink before we lose the ability to read, but think how much more fun it could make certain literary works up to that point?  Reading the English translation of Torn from the Nest would have been so much more pleasant if I’d gotten to take a sip of alcohol every time a certain character said, “Frankly.”  Granted, I also might have wound up in the hospital with alcohol poisoning… But you get the point.

For example, I’m taking a semester long course on Spenser’s The Faerie Queene right now (something which I’m generally regretting) and alcohol would make the experience so much less tedious.  We could drink every time there word “Phoebus” appears.  Every time there’s a random procession.  Every time you have to stop and take an Excedrin because your head hurts from getting hit over the head with the symbolism.  Every time Spenser is clearly winching about Queen Elizabeth I not giving him that promotion he wanted…

Pride and Prejudice:  Every time someone tries to blatantly prostitute their children.  Twice if it’s someone other than Mrs. Bennett.

Moby Dick:  Every time there’s a chapter on the intricacies of the whaling industry without a shred of plot.

Tristes Tropiques:  Every time for no discernable reason Lévi-Strauss starts talking about a completely different geographical location.

The Fountainhead:  Every time someone tries to act like rape is part of a normal, passionate relationship.  (I personally need a whole shot every time that happens).

Hamlet:  Every time there’s a sly reference to Hamlet and Ophelia getting it on.

Song of Roland/any Charlemagne romance:  Every time Roland acts like a dumb jock.

Seriously, I think I’m on to something here.  This could revolutionize lit classes…  And actually get undergrads to read!

Living My Mispent Youth. Finally.

So this post is late.  There’s a very good reason for that.  Some of my colleagues hosted an Eastern European feast last night.  It seems Eastern European feasts require consuming potato vodka.  Which leads to me not coming home until 4am because I had to wait till I was in driving condition.

It’s caused me to reflect on something very strange that has been happening lately in my life.  For some reason or another as a grown ass 30 year old woman I’m now experiencing a few aspects of the college experience that I missed in my first two stints in university.

Last month I went to my first keg party.  Okay, there was only 1/6 of a keg and I didn’t actually drink any beer.  But still, it was a first.   I’ve still never done a keg stand and somehow I don’t see that ever happening, but I can now say I’ve been to a keg party.  Woo hoo!  I’m a real college student.

Last night I played my first undergrad style drinking game (“Bowling Ball” maybe?)  I want you to picture this.  A bunch of graduate students ranging in age from 23 to 33, but most of us clustered towards the upper end of it, getting in touch with the youth we “missed” because we were all in the library.  I’m not sure I played the game right on account of during the whole thing I only went through one beer (an imported Czech porter… also perhaps a sign I’m not doing this right.  Aren’t you supposed to do this with cheap swill like Natural Light?)  But anyway… once again, I’m a real college student!

And um… it might be a little overrated.  I think I might like the library better.


A Beverage Recipe

This should have been posted last week, but I forgot.  At any rate, the new season of Psych premiered last week and in honor of that we would like to share with you a recipe we developed for the premiere of Psych season 3.

I have a tradition of inventing recipes and naming them after fictional characters–I did this quite a bit when I was living with my crazy ex-roommate.  Most of those recipes were either named after characters from Lord of the Rings or from soap operas, however, as those were the only fandoms we shared.

At any rate, without further adieu, I give you…

The Big Daddy Spencer

Anyone who’s cooked with me knows I don’t believe in measuring, and I’m pretty much the same with mixing beverages, so all amounts are approximations.

In a cocktail shaker with an ice cube or two mix (If you don’t have a cocktail shaker I’m sure you can get similar results by stirring).

1 oz pomegranate liquor
1/2 oz of coconut rum
1/2 oz of vodka
1 1/2 oz of mango juice
dash of pomegranate molasses

Strain into a large martini glass and fill the rest of the glass with sour cherry juice

Initially I thought this was just kooky enough to be called the Shawn Spencer, but Mary and I concurred with its tartness and tropical flavor it was more reminiscent of Henry’s acerbic personality and fun shirts.  Upon further contemplation (and a bit of drinking) we also concluded that we would allow Henry to buy Daddy Spencers and that after a couple we might even be persuaded to call him Daddy Spencer.

Further discussion determined that Shawn would absolutely make fun of his dad for ordering such a thing, that Henry may just carry around his own bottle of pomegranate molasses in order to obtain the beverage at his convenience, and that doing so probably attracts women.

Drinking away their Troubles

When civilization as you know it has been destroyed you have lots of reasons to drink.  So what are the adult beverages of choice for the crew of the Battlestar Galactica?

Adama: Whiskey

Roslin: Bock beer most of the time, but could probably go for a nice Riesling

Billy: Corona or Heineken (he recently graduated from Natty Ice)

Gaius: Red wine.  Probably a full bodied Cabernet.

Six: Champagne, Vanilla Bean martinis

Doctor: Dewar’s

Dee: Daiquiri.  She’s not picky about flavors, but peach and strawberry are her favorites.

Apollo: Secretly he likes girly drinks, but doesn’t order them because Kara will make fun of him.  More of a Heineken guy.  He has a surprisingly low tolerance which he tries to hide

Starbuck: Tequila or… you know, whatever’s handy

Tyrol: Gin and tonic

Callie: Stoli Razberi with Sprite (and an umbrella)

Helo: Shiner Bock

Sharon: Vodka or whatever someone else is buying

Gaeta: Blue curacao margaritas (which he orders with no shame)

Tigh: Romulan ale

Ellen: Courvassier, Alize Gold Passion

Tori: Chardonnay

Anders: Never quite graduated from Natty Ice.  Can’t understand why no one will help him finish the pack.

Leoben: Port

Zarek: I suspect he’s the kind of douche to lecture others on why drinking is wrong and then pound vodka shots in private