Sunlight to the Time Vampire?


I have no time vampire for this week.  Really.  Unless you want to count my job.  Which, theoretically, shouldn’t be a time vampire since it’s A) what grown ups are supposed to do with their time and B) brings a paycheck.

B, at least, holds a significant amount of attraction.

Unfortunately A does not yield fun times or anything worthy of comments.  Annoying, stressful,….and run times averaging over 10.25 hours.

Together A and B combine to slay any time vampire that might attempt to consume my hours with mindless, un-productive fun.

So maybe work is a time vamp.  An evil time vamp.



In Which I Am Tempted To Make Something Up

Gentle readers, I am so completely out of any inspiration for this post that I seriously contemplated lying through my teeth and making something up about a slip and fall on my icy drive.

No joke.

But, as Kristy has already mentioned, I am all but completely unable to lie successfully.  And while Kristy is kind enough to call this a positive thing, at a time like this, it’s negative beyond belief.  I’m sure you’re with me on this, after all, you could be reading a marginally entertaining tale of an injury accident.

Truth is?  Outside of the snow I’ve already bitched about, this has been a week with little activity and even less inspiration.  Sure, I was at work late several evenings, but it was all pretty standard crap that was no more or less annoying than normal.  My time at home has been full of normal housework activities.  I haven’t had time to keep up with any news other than local weather for purposes of commentary and instruction.  I literally cannot think of anything worth commenting on, praising, complaining about, describing or recounting.  I have a book review, but it’s not complete and I was planning it for sometime next week.

So, for anyone out there with tips on how I can ditch the truth and embrace lying, please, let me know.  For the sake of your fellow readers.