Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner…Except Mom and Dad

So, in a recent discussion on the increase in parental censorship in the latest crop of parents (a topic for a whole different post), Kristy and I realized the one movie we were both denied the right to view as kids was Dirty Dancing.

Unfortunately for both of us, our conscientious parents were apparently in the minority because the primary reason we both recall this one incident of censorship was because every other girl in our grade level was talking about that movie.  Constantly.  It was everyone’s favorite.  And, in my case, when my parents rented the movie?  In keeping with my parents’ preferred method of restricting my viewing, this particular baby might not have been sent to the corner, but she was sent off to play in her room.

In my case, I never actually saw the movie until I was in college.  My first reaction was that my parents were overly cautious because I never would have understood the more controversial topics in the film at that age.  But then I remembered that I was also the kid who didn’t hesitate to ask my parents what something was when I didn’t understand.  I’m pretty sure abortion was pretty far down on the list of things they wanted me to start quizzing them on*.

I can’t speak for Kristy, but, honestly, it was a bit of a let down for me when I finally got to watch it.  I guess I was expecting something more spectacular.  The only thing I actually recall from that long-awaited viewing was the scenery, since I was living near Mountain Lake where the movie was filmed.  Always interesting to see places you know on the screen, but not exactly the big mystery I’d been expecting to see.  In the end, whether or not I realized it at the time?  I probably got more entertainment out of playing Barbies back in the bedroom than I would have if I hadn’t been shooed.

*My parents only bought themselves a year. A story on the national news one evening dealing with an abortion case moving through the courts resulted in Mom being called upon to explain.  Parents never think about censoring the news.