Time Vampire: The All Day Meeting

The bill-paying-job has had me in solid meetings for a day and a half.  Today’s grueling session started at 7:30 and ran until after 5.  We even ate lunch in the room.  It’s exhausting.

And it’s a total time suck.

It’s not just the time whisked away by the unfathomable boredom of 14 power point presentations all in the same corporate-barfed-here standard templates.  That’s bad, but what’s worse is everything else job-wise that doesn’t get done when you’re having to down caffeine to look like you care about statistics on shit that does not impact your job directly.  While I’m locked away in this corner of hell, the e-mails are still coming, the data still needs analyzing, the phone is still ringing.

So, thanks to this meeting impeding the flow-rate at which I would normally handle my workload….I’m going in on my Friday off.


And my Saturday.

And possible my Sunday.

This time vampire might just be the most evil of all.