Belated BSG List

Yeah, yeah, I’m late again.  Internet connection was out when I got home last night and I decided not to try to wait it out again.

What kind of house guest are they?

Adama: Not as careful as he should be with towels (he’s been a bachelor too long), but he’s very polite.  He doesn’t overstay his welcome and he helps with the dishes.

Roslin:  An absolutely lovely guest.  Brings the perfect hostess gift.  Does not overstay her welcome, makes her bed, folds towels, helpful, thoughtful, not pushy.  Offers to help with the dishes.  If she stays long enough she’ll definitely prepare at least one meal.

Billy: Brings the wrong hostess gift.  Does dishes, but breaks a small plate.  Tries so hard, but just a little bit off.

Gaius: Does not show up when he says he will.  Very charming and entertaining, but not helpful and kind of a douche.

Six: Barely noticed.  Almost a nonentity.  Not above banging for roof.

Doc Cottle: Is a slob and kind of smells.  No presents.  Not helpful.  Doesn’t stay long and is disruptive while he’s there.

Dee: Lovely.  Makes coffee in the morning.  Polite, sweet, helpful, takes the kids to the park.

Apollo: He’s a good, solid, middle of the road guest.  Would attempt to cook, but he’s not as awesome as he wants to be.  Would send a belated thank you.

Starbuck: You really don’t want her to come.  She’s unpredictable.  Doesn’t plan.  Calls from the airport and might bring an inappropriate guy with her.  On the other hand, if you go out while she’s there, she’ll totally treat you.  Months later she’ll send a gift, a nice one, with no explanation.  All this is different if she’s staying with Dad–then she’s on her best behavior.

Tyrol: Would start fixing stuff.  Everywhere.  Without being asked.  Not otherwise helpful.

Cally: Will bring a hand made gift and card.  Almost too helpful–takes things a bit too far.

Helo: Brings jerky.  Good with kids–he’s the cool uncle.  Not helpful.  Brings the dog.

Sharon: Kind of standoffish.  Quite.  Always seems uncomfortable.  Can’t engage with people.  Sends a form letter thank you.

Gaeta: Would redecorate without asking.  But he’s good at it.  He’s a good guest for the most part.

Tigh: Won’t bring a gift.  You don’t want him there if he’s with Ellen because they’ll have drunk money sex in your living room.

Ellen: Brings an ostentatious hostess gift and makes passive aggressive comments about how “humble” and “quaint” your home is.

Tori: She’s uncomfortable and you won’t see a lot of her anyway because she’ll be working the whole time.  She’s polite, but not engaging.  Will send a thank you.

Anders: He’s pleasant and fun, but he’s useless except for washing dishes and he leaves wet towels on the floor.  He would warn you of his arrival, but he might overstay by accident.

Leoben: Stays one night.  Cooks for you using exotic spices.  Leaves before you wake, leaving behind a polite note and a fresh pot of coffee.

Zarek: Tells you everything you’re doing wrong.  He’s a know-it-all and he’s pushy, but he smells good and will always make his bed.