It’s Not What I’m Eating…

Tonight’s entry is written by me, but courtesy of Cammy.  Cammy sent me a link to an article about foods that prevent insomnia and a note that I prove it wrong.  Yes, today we got further confirmation that I’m a freak.  I’ve had insomnia since I was a child.  My suspicion is that it’s actually part of a larger sleep disorder (see previous entry on sleep paralysis).  I’ve tried just about every solution (short of prescription meds which I took briefly but like to avoid) and nothing really works.  I was hoping this list might offer some help.  Not so much.

Let’s go through the list, shall we?

Pumpkin seeds:  Okay, I don’t eat these often, but they’re supposed to help because of their high magnesium content.  I take a magnesium supplement every night.  So… yeah…

Cottage cheese:  They got me here.  I almost never eat this one.

Sesame seeds:  I don’t eat them by the spoonful, but I eat a lot of multigrain products that contain them.  I guess maybe I should start downing some at bedtime?

Spinach:  Are you kidding?  We’ve been over this.  I practically live on spinach.  If I’m not getting enough to do the trick then I don’t want to think about how much I’d need.

As for the problem foods they mention?  I really keep them to a minimum.  I love bacon, but if I eat it once a week it’s a big bacon week.  I generally have a glass of wine a night, but according to what it says I’m not having enough to cause a problem, and I don’t tend to have chocolate at bedtime.

Oh yeah, and the yoga it mentions?  Totally doing that.

Guess I will not be cured this week.