Bad Fauxmance?

Tonight’s post is a quick one.  Just a guilty pleasure.  Something on the internet that amuses me.  And I’m easily amused.

In particular, I’m amused by Kevin Smith’s ongoing twitter war/fauxmance with Megan Phelps.

If somehow you’re fortunate enough to not know who Megan Phelps-Roper is, she’s the granddaughter of Fred Phelps, founder of the Westboro Baptist Church. Yes, the one’s whose url is hate speech and who protest soldier’s funerals.  I guess Megan’s the younger, hipper contingent because she spreads the WBC’s message of hate via twitter and Lady Gaga parodies.  Yeah.  I want to feel sorry for her, knowing she’s only the product of her environment and she’s been indoctrinated into what she is but… she makes it really damn hard.

I imagine given the opportunity, most of us have more than a few choice things we’d like to say to Megan and the WBC.  But let’s face it, telling them how despicable they are only fuels their fire.  I think Kevin Smith has hit on a better tactic.

He flirts with her.  Every time she tweets some kind of criticism of him or announces the WBC will be picketing one his events, he acts like she’s hitting on him.  He responds by gently chiding her with the fact that he’s married.  Then he offers to see if he can talk his wife into a three way.  Then he offers to share his pot with her.  It’s basically a fifth grade technique (albeit with slightly more adult content), but I like it anyway.  I don’t think any of its going to change her mind or make a difference.  Megan seems pretty set in her ways, though she is young, so there might be hope.  And honestly, I think she likes the attention.  But whatever.

What I care about is it makes me snicker.  And it’s the end of the semester, and I need all the laughs I can get.

So thank you Mr. Smith—you’ve brought the funny yet again.

An Addicted Time Vampire

This week’s time vampire has been making me resent phone calls at work.  I like a controlled noise distraction while I’m working on some of the more mundane tasks that make up my job.  Usually it’s music, and it’s no big deal to pop out my ear-buds to answer the phone, or if someone shows up in my cube.  But I recently stumbled upon the Jay and Silent Bob Get Old podcast and now I resent even more any activity at work which requires my auditory attention.

It’s flipping hilarious (and has led me to sample the other flippin’ hilarious podcasts from the Smodcast network), and more than a little addictive.  Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith are both incredibly funny people (and I’m eternally grateful to Kristy for having first introduced me to Clerks), so anything they do has a high probability of making me shoot Dr. Pepper out of my nose.  This is no exception.  More than once I’ve had to cover a laugh as a cough so that I don’t have to try and explain to coworkers what’s so funny.

It’s also kind of educational.  The driver behind the episodes is going over Jason Mewes’s struggle with drug addiction.  Hearing his explanations of what its like is pretty eye opening.  But it’s just as informative to hear Smith tell about being the friend figuring out about the problem and then trying to help (not always successfully).  I almost feel guilty laughing at situations that are so serious, but it’s clear that these two want you to laugh.  They want to get the story out, but they are not trying to be morose about it.

Of course the humor is very guy-humor, loaded with raunch and swearing, so it’s not for the faint of heart.  I, personally, find myself more tempted to slip into that fuck-delimited conversation pattern (small problem when you’re at work) after I listen to an episode.

I’ve blown through several weeks’ worth of material.  New episodes come out Thursdays.  I’m syncing up my mp3 player even as I type this, and I’m a little thankful for the mundane filing I have to get done tomorrow–it will be the perfect time to plug in for another hit of this podcast addiction.

Coffee with… Kevin Smith

Kristy: Would I drink coffee with Kevin Smith?  In a freaking fangirl moment.  I was introduced to Clerks way back in high school and as a comic/sci-fi geek was thrilled to have a movie with kind of gave a voice to the geeks of the world.  Though looking back it’s kind of bizarre since I was at the time carrying a 4.25 GPA, working my ass off, had never kissed a boy, and in most ways very different than the film’s protagonists.  Regardless, one film and I was addicted.  Mr. Smith’s films gave me hours of enjoyment and more catch phrases and funny quotes than I should really use.  And for many years every party I went to that had salsa wound up with a tortilla chip sticking out of it as a “salsa shark.”  (it was almost never my doing–fangirls and fanboys tend to flock together).  One of his films helped encourage me to get myself out of a really unhealthy situation.  And he’s a much better actor than he gives himself credit for.  Has some of the best facial expressions anywhere.  I’m a bad fangirl because I haven’t seen all of his movies, but a fangirl nonetheless.  So yeah…

Add to that, while I’ve never met the man personally, he seems to be a charming and amusing person outside of his films.  He brings the funny in massive amounts.  He has a Degrassi obsession that surpasses either mine or Cammy’s.  And cliche though it might be, following him on twitter has made me like him even more.  Because as much as he brings the funny, he also has a definite sweet streak.  He’s a dad who takes his daughter to the Twilight premiere without whining about how lame the movie is.  Keep your inner Puritan from getting offended by the exact language, and it’s adorable how in love with his wife he is.  And did I mention he brings the funny?

Though I do think the Spatial Anomaly Coffee Bar and Refueling Station is smoke free, and I would assume that applies to all substances.  Hopefully that’s not too much of a problem.

Cammy: I’d completely have coffee with Kevin Smith!  But honestly, only if Kristy’s there.  This has nothing to do with fear or shyness and everything to do with knowing that Kristy is a far bigger Kevin Smith fan girl than I can claim to be, and to have coffee with Kevin Smith and Kristy not be there?  That would be just WRONG.  Kristy’s the person who first introduced me to his work in college (this involved walking quite a ways down to the theater to view Dogma when it came out–totally worth the trek, I assure you).  I also second Kristy’s reasoning that he appears to be cool even without having made awesome movies.  I’d hesitate to assume much about anyone’s real personality based on interviews, but when you combine those with the nerdtastic references built into his films?  He’s got to be genuine.

So I welcome the chance to sit down for coffee with him and wax geeky on Degrassi, comics and other manners of geek bullshit.  And possibly to make sure Kristy maintains control and doesn’t squee or anything.  Deafening Kevin Smith would be embarrassing.

Kristy: And I forgot to mention that Dogma is theologically correct!  I’m totally showing clips if I ever teach Paradise Lost.