My Sacrifice for Lent

So, it’s Lent.

I’m Lutheran, which means Lenten sacrifice is not required (those of you who have survived the gauntlet that is Lutheran Confirmation are probably mumbling some variation of “sola gratia, sola fide” right now, <cough>ThisIsMostCertainlyTrue<cough>).  It is–at best–an interesting relic of our Catholic roots maintained as a cultural practice, not an integral part of our theology, and–at worst (to those really hard-core right-wing-y type Lutherans)–a papist heresy in which no good Lutheran would partake.

I like cultural relics and being heretical to crazy right-wing-y anti-Catholic Lutherans (seriously y’all?  You’re going to alienate our fellow sprinkle-not-dunk people?  You may as well put your beer down and go hang out with the boring t-totaling set), so I usually make some wacky attempt to give something up for the season.

This year I picked something half seriously….and I am failing like mad.

I am trying to give up swearing.

Yeah, my co-workers laughed hysterically, too. Read the rest of this entry »

Fouling Up Lent

Okay, so, being Lutheran there’s no requirement that I give anything up for Lent.  It’s one of those things that you can do if you want, but it’s no big if you don’t–no one way ticket to hell, or even large amounts of guilt (well, no more so than you’d normally get in a Lutheran household).

Good damn thing, because my attempt to bastardize this religious tradition into a self-help program failed on day one.

I tried to give up swearing.

It was a futile attempt really.  You can’t work in an environment with such a saturation level of pure idiocy and not adopt a colorful flavor to your in-cube vocabulary.  Sometimes the f-bomb is all that stands between me and the abyss of insanity.

Honestly, I’m not all that offended by swearing (to a point), and, I’m not entirely sure I completely trust people who never swear (except for Kristy’s Mom).  Despite my wariness of those who don’t find the phrase “give a damn” completely innocuous, I have a few very nice colleagues that I am very careful around.  I figured that if I could kick the habit for Lent, it would be that much easier to police myself around anyone who might be offended.

It took all of one meeting to obliterate it with one utterance of the word “fuck.”  Ah, well, I tried.  I probably should have given up watching Teen Mom or something.  The personal benefits would have been greater and I would have had at least a full week before I hit Epic!Fail.