Costuming a Monkey

This is a short post because I’m in the middle of trying to figure out something for work.  It’s a complex problem, and I have limited time and materials to complete it:

I need to figure out how to costume a monkey piñata (Curious George monkey piñata, to be exact) as The Green Lantern for Halloween using only construction paper.

This would be a little easier if the monkey were here with me instead of back in my office at work (Yes, I really have a Curious George monkey piñata in my office). But, as it is, I’m having to go off some rough measurements and memory to try and lay this out.

Why am I trying to put a costume on a monkey piñata?  That’s a story that’s long, drawn out and would require more explanation than I want to give about the details of my bill-paying job.  Suffice it to say that my work team has a thing for monkeys and the color green, and my supervisor said she thought that the monkey really needed to be wearing pants.  I asked if dressing him in super-hero tights would be enough and she seemed pleased by this, so….

At any rate, this is taking longer than estimated, and then I have to iron clothes for work (you see how my priorities are running this evening:  monkey costumes, blog posts and THEN preparing for my job).  I’ll let you know how it comes out.