Musikalischer Mittwoch: Blissful Silence

The music to my ears this week is pure silence.

This skirts close to violating the politics ban, but since I can discuss this generally with out having to address any particular party or side:


Leading up to the election I was getting up to a dozen calls in a day, all pre-recorded robo-nightmares.  Yes, yes, I know those of you with cell phones only don’t get this stuff, but my having a land-line is not really by my choice.  I’d just mute the ringer, but this is the number that any family emergency call would come in on, so I couldn’t just mute the phone and go along.  No, I had to deal with the incessant ringing day in and day out.

And today?


Not a ring.  Not a beep.  Not a single blinking light message on the answering machine.

Pure silence.

It’s total music to my ears.

Lists of Time Vampires

So, I have a shit-ton of things I need to do.  All the stuff I’ve put off while on the project from hell, plus the every-day b.s. of laundry and housework.  So this week, I get the bright idea to start a to-do list.  That’s supposed to be the key to  GTD (Getting Things Done) right?  Right.

I was going to go with a paper list, because while I detest the idea of having to use paper in my work life, in my personal life, I am all about the dead trees.  BUT, then I thought about how much more helpful it might be if I didn’t have to look to the list for what to do.  How about I use the schnaztasticness of my phone?  Surely there’s a widget of a to-do list that has all manner of annoying alarms to remind me to fold socks and take the box with the nativity scene down to the basement, right?

And that’s when the first time vampire was spawned.  There are several different options available for my phone in the line of to-do lists with alarms.  And I didn’t want to choose one that wasn’t spot-on-awesome, right?  So I had to do my research.  Look up ratings.  Download and testdrive.

You’re seeing the minutes ticking away, right?

Finally, I have the ideal candidate.  I feel semi-confident after 2 hours of playing with other options that this is the list-maker for moi.  Perfect.  Now all I had to do was start listing tasks and setting priorities and deadlines.

And that’s when the time vampire had a whole list of babies.

Just figuring out what I had to get done was a lengthy exercise itself.  Then I realized that some of what I listed really had sub-steps involved, and shouldn’t I list each sub-step toward completion?  Of course I should.  Delete the first one and break it down to all 11 steps.  Ah, better!  Now about those priorities.  Clearly folding socks is more important than moving around chairs in the living room.  But where do I put dusting the bookshelf in the living room?  More or less important?  And the deadlines.  Hmmm, do I really think I can get all the laundry done by Tuesday?  Should I set a weekly alarm for that?

5 hours later, I have a very thorough list of things to do.  My phone is happy to display a little icon at me.  Alarm chime merrily from time to time.  I look down at the little screen, frown…..and clear the alarm before going back to the book I was reading.

So much for that plan.

Posting From a Cell Phone

My relatively recent entry into the world of smart phones was prompted in part by the desire to miss fewer posts while on business travel.  I don’t do personal surfing or writing on the business laptop because I am all too familiar with the extent of the company’s rights to stick their nose into shit that really does not concern them if I use their equipment, even on off hours.  And traveling with my own netbook is not always feasible.

So, the phone should work, right?

Not so much.

Theory and practice decided to dine at different tables…hell, I think they may be at different restaurants….

Me and the touch screen have a poor history in general, but it only deteriorates as I try to key in a whole post with my thumbs on these make-believe buttons, with the totally unhelpful spelling suggestions changing every other word I type.  I have attempted this two other times and thrown in the towel.

Strangely enough, tonight, as I enter this after two beers consumed with my fabulous coworkers, I am doing better typing on the virtual keyboard than ever before.  I think my alcohol-slowed movements are just what I needed to allow the keyboard response and my typing speed to sync…

Or, after two beers, I just don’t notice the errors….

Either way, in my mind, I just achieved a goal for this smart phone ownership.  It may not be a good post, but at least I feel less like a slacker.

Damn You Time Vampire!

Tonight’s Time Vampire comes via a colleague of mine who linked it on Facebook (yes, I know Cammy, it’s a scary place and I shouldn’t go there).  I love this time vampire because it’s updated frequently and consistently brings the funny.

I hate this Time Vampire because it’s frequently updated and consistently brings the funny.  Which means that every time I’m desiring a little procrastination, it provides.  I’ve become quite the junkie.

This vamp is called Damn You Auto Correct! Basically it consists of funny autocorrects from text messages on iPhones.  I’ll confess that having never used an iPhone myself, I don’t quite get it.  My desperately in need of updating cell phone doesn’t have autocorrect.  Any mistakes in my text messages are my own.  Apparently the iPhone feature is malicious?  I don’t know.  I don’t get how it makes some of the corrections it does, but I hope they never fix it.  Because in its present form it’s providing me with lots of funny.  However, my productivity will go way up if they do manage to create a more efficient feature.