It’s Raining Time Vampires

Tis the season for the midwest to get its usual series of wolloping thunderstorms.  Actually, it’s been fairly mild so far this year (knock on wood).  However, tonight we’re getting a nice dose of thunder and lightening.

One of the first lessons I ever learned about severe weather safety (even before the tornado rule about interior widowless rooms on the lowest floor…hugging a toilet if possible) was “Do not take a bath during a lightening storm.”

Trouble is, it seems that these storms always want to kick up around the time I need to get in the shower.  Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!  So I sit around wasting time waiting for it to clear off so I can get my shower and get to bed, OR I have to put it off until morning which introduces a whole new level of evil to the Time Vampire (and Time Vamps that results in me having to roust my lazy ass out of the bed any earlier is unacceptable.  Especially since I get up around 4:50-5ish these days).

And if it’s not the safety issue impacting my shower, it’s the impact on prime time TV.  Time set aside for Bones is spent with break ins to warn me about when to go to the basement.  I have to resort to next-day Hulu, which means more time out of my schedule.

Big plans to mow the yard?  Yeah, now you have to wait because mowing right after it’s rained is a bitch.

So, I’m off to a night of fitful sleep interrupted by the squawk of the weather radio and with the knowledge that I have to get up extra early for my shower/using the blow-dryer tomorrow.  *grumble*