Now is the Coffee of Our Discontent

Would we drink coffee with Richard III?

Kristy: With trepidation I say yes, if for no other reason than out of curiosity. The portraits you get of him are so varied, I want to know which is more accurate. I’ll admit most of my knowledge of him is from Shakespeare, who doesn’t paint the most flattering portrait. He’s witty and brings a fair bit of the funny in Shakespeare’s play, but he also orders the murder of several family members. I think it’s a fair bit the man was ruthless, you kind of had to be to survive in a noble family at that point, but was he any more so than his contemporaries? Inquiring minds want to know. He doesn’t seem to have been all bad. If wikipedia can be trusted he favored printing in vernacular languages and made publishing stuff in general easier. Aside from the possible baby killing he might not have been a bad king at all. So yeah, I’d like to just get a sense of the guy. I’d like to know how he feels about his own legacy (and being buried under a car park all those years). And if there’s a way to work it politely into conversation, yes, I’d love to ask, “So… what did happen to your nephews?”

Cammy:  I’m going for the “I-had-coffee-with-a-star-of-a-Shakespeare-play” factor and the potential to harass someone.  Anything I’d want to ask is generally pretty smart alec.  Kristy is covering the obvious, “Sooo, what’s up with those nephews?”  to which I also want to add, “So, have you seen what Shakespeare says about you?”  That should be a real doozy of a conversation right there.  And then, to add insult to injury I’d like to go with ,”So, the arrow in the ass–before or after you lost consciousness?”  and “How does it feel to know you’ve been entombed under a carpark in Leicester?”  Yeah, he’s going to hate having coffee with an ass like me.