Musikalischer Mittwoch: Por Ella, Soy Eva

If the first song of my summer was “Desliz” the second song was definitely “Por Ella, Soy Eva,” theme song to the telenovela I’ve been addicted to.   The show’s (hot) lead, Jaime Camil lends his voice to this one, because apparently the Venn diagram of pop singers and telenovela actors overlaps quite a bit in Mexico: Lucero, Jaime Camil, Thalia….

It was a nice contrast to my other summer song, despite their shared language. “Por Ella Soy Eva” is more obviously upbeat, for one.  Obviously this is appropriate for the theme song to a comedy about a dude cross-dressing to hide from the law.  This upbeat nature also makes it highly appropriate as a summer song.  I can attest that it’s a fantastic song to improve one’s mood on a drive in to work.  It’s also more of a straight pop-piece than the other–an easier sell to those with less of a penchant for regional styles.

I was a little surprised to find myself this taken with a tv theme song.  Even though I’ve encountered other telenovelas with good themes, I hadn’t really expected this one to hold up as a stand-alone song.  After finding it glued in my brain from watching the show, I resigned myself to downloading the entire album from, and I’ll be damned if the theme wasn’t something that plays just as well if you’ve never seen the show.

Mostly, I found it fun to sing along with.  Not easy, mind you, but fun.  There are still parts of the thing I can’t splutter out properly, even after looking up the lyrics (which I found absolutely necessary as the tendency of Spanish music to run together with all the vowels, really made this one a muddle), I still can’t manage to spit out some of the lines.  But it’s not hard to belt out “Porque, por ella, soy Eva, cada paso es una prueba….”

And this summer?  I did.  A lot.