Cammy’s Obligatory Pre-Christmas Rant

You knew this had to happen.  I have to rant about the proliferation of Christmas-crap so long before Christmas.

Christmas ads on TV a week before Halloween?  I walked into one store to contemplate procuring candy corn on the evening of 30 October…and found the Halloween decor already consolidated to 2 aisles (from the 6 there the previous week), and the Christmas seasonal shit full stocked and displayed.

Just today I went out to pick up a few things with my visiting mother and by the end of our relatively short shopping excursion I was already at critical levels on my Christmas music absorption.  One more R&B version of “Let it Snow” and I was going to go postal on the store’s sound system.  I’m going to revise my general feeling about Christmas music from “It shouldn’t be played until after the Thanksgiving meal is consumed” to “It shouldn’t be played until after the Thanksgiving meal is consumed, unless it’s an R&B version of ‘Let It Snow’ in which case it should not be played at all.  Ever.”

It’s not that I hate Christmas.  I love Christmas.  I am ALL ABOUT Christmas (just not the shopping part).  Being a pseudo-almost-Christmas-baby I have embraced the holiday.  But, we get so few real holidays in this country, I hate to see one obliterated by the others.  In this case, the encroachment of Christmas means Thanksgiving gets the shaft.  Other than marking a significant day for the U.S. retail community, and a heinous time for travel, it’s completely overlooked.  I’d love to see it moved to early October, like Canada’s Thanksgiving, although even that is too close to the Halloween juggernaut to ensure the safety of the turkey’s day.

Is it really too much to hope that one day we can regain some ground and get back to appreciating each and every holiday we get?

Obligatory Cliche Post

I wasn’t going to do a “thankful for” post, because they seem a bit cliché.  I considered doing a “not thankful for” post inspired by Spanny’s Big Fake Smile.  But truth be told, I’ve kind of been in a rotten mood all week, and wallowing in it further is not going to help things.  So we’ll wallow in cliché instead, in the hopes it improves my mood, and maybe even yours.

I am thankful for six days off, even if I had to do work at home every day.

I am thankful I now have deep violet streaks in my hair.

I am thankful I finally have my doctoral committee worked out.

I am thankful to have had a gourmet meal on the cheap with my fellow broke foodie grad students yesterday.

I am thankful that someone on Twitter gave me the idea of rewatching The West Wing episode “Shibboleth” on Thanksgiving and that it is still awesome.

I am thankful for realizing that Jane Lynch was in season 1 of Veronica Mars, playing an uppity version of her character on Glee.

I am thankful that Prospect Park tried to revive One Life to Live, even if they ultimately failed.

I am thankful I gave up commercially produced soda in lieu of mixing juice concentrates with seltzer water, thus saving money and avoiding both HFC and artificial sweeteners.

I am thankful for the knowledge that “collen ferhð” (pronounced “Colin Firth”) is Old English for “stout-hearted.”

I am thankful for caramelized Brussels sprouts.

I am thankful that this past year a quirky, adorable orange cat came into my life, even if he is yelling at me to hurry up and finish this blog so I can feed him.

I am thankful for ice cream, fried foods, good (cheap) wine, grilled cheeses, and the knowledge that diets are bullshit. (Also, the Oxford comma)

I am thankful for this blog, my co-bloggess, and all five of our readers.

MTV, MPB Gives Thanks

Okay, so Cammy and I have been bad about posting this week.  She’s been busy and I’ve been traveling and… yeah.  But we wanted to make sure to send out a Happy Thanksgiving (sorry to our Canadian readers for missing your holiday) to our gentle and not-so-gentle readers.  Because it might be my television and Cammy’s peanut butter, but that’s no reason we can’t share a celebratory meal, a nutritive communion if you will, together.

I’m here at Cammy’s house where we’ve just had our Thanksgiving dinner.  Not being turkey people we had ham (not Virginia ham, but good nonetheless).  Cammy made cornbread dressing (not stuffing since it wasn’t stuffed in anything).  I made carmelized cauliflower and sweet potatoes with olive oil and Italian seasoning.  And I just had canned cranberry sauce for the first time in my life (Cammy has this thing about slicing it on the lines).  Oh yes, and fried green tomatoes.

Long story short—it’s been delicious.  We’ve also just polished off our third glass of wine (one each of Indiana Foch and two of Missouri Norton).  We’re watching Dogma (well, I’m watching Dogma, Cammy’s asleep.)  Cammy’s cat Truffles has been snuggling on my lap on and off.  Definitely a day to be thankful for.

Oh yes, and lest anyone forget, the first recognized Thanksgiving celebration in what is now the United States was in Virginia.  Not Massachusetts.  (Yeah, we did it first, we did it better.)

We here at It’s My TV, It’s My Peanut Butter are thankful for you, our readers.  We’re thankful for kitties.  We’re thankful for wine and delicious carbs.  And that there will be ice cream later.  Mmmm… carbs.

So have a happy holiday.  I’m thinking of the day as a vacation from my life.  Or the three papers I should have been writing today (although Dogma bears more than a passing resemblance to Middle English Romance.)  May you all indulge in whatever it is you like to indulge in so that you may go back to your real life fortified enough to make it through to the next celebration.