Coffee With A Side of Reformation

Cammy: While I was gung ho for coffee with Katie Luther, I’m hesitant about Marty himself–as highly un-Lutheran as that admission may seem.  For one thing, Marty had his not-so-happy opinions on religion, which in and of itself isn’t a problem for me, but I strongly suspect that he could be a bit of an ass in expressing those opinions.  I kind of get the impression that he was, especially in his older years, a bit too into bookish theology and could take on a Sheldon Cooper-esque hard headedness in supporting his position.

But I guess I’m willing to risk it.  After all, we might be able to pick the man’s brain about his translations of the Bible into German–which actually has a lot of secular implications since it’s one of the earliest examples of standardized, written German.  Which is cool.  And if we could get him to leave Jesus out of it, I’d like to see if we could get the man to talk politics without the religion (and see how much of the Protestant movement he would be willing to admit was political).

Really, I just want to hear Kristy ask him about nailing Theocrats to a door.

Kristy: Eh… I’m a bit hesitant also.  For one thing, I’m not Lutheran.  Now that might not really be much of a problem for him, since from what I’ve heard he really had not intention of starting his own religion, but… It’s a little awkward sitting opposite someone so identified with their theology when you don’t exactly follow it.  I have my doubts about how much fun conversation with him would be.  Interesting?  Yes.  Enlightening?  Sure.  But fun?

On the other hand, I like interesting.  And if I’m not there, who’s going to ask him about nailing the 95 Theocrats to a Cathedral door?  And it might be cool to hear exactly how much reform/separation he intended.  And whether nationalism was a factor at all.  And vernacular language.  I have read my Benedict Anderson, after all.  Okay… sure… I’ll give it a go.  But I’m texting Bridget to call me in half an hour so I have an out if I need it.