Time Vampire of the Week: Updates

Ever damn piece of software I own, use, or am forced to tolerate decided it needed a lengthy upgrade this week.




Normally, this is a minor annoyance about which I swear briefly, then move on.  But not this week, oh no.  This week the updates have all been long, slow, interfered with my attempts to shut down quickly, and generally made my life a living hell.

I timed it yesterday–I spent 20 minutes on Windows updates (the price I pay for rarely rebooting).  And this when I really just wanted to try and get in to check on an e-mail attachment before I went to work, so I wouldn’t have to look at it on my phone.  After 20 minutes I gave up.  I couldn’t spare more time.

And iTunes.  43 minutes.  To add insult to injury?  That update actually failed for some reason.  Which doesn’t matter because even if it had succeeded, it would still have wanted me to update today because apparently Apple has coders working 24/7/365 on iTunes crap.  It’s actually rare I open the program much anymore because I got so tired of the constant prompt to upgrade.

Adobe wanted to update flash or the reader or something.  And Java, as usual, popped up a damn request to update too.

It’s a bloody miracle I got anything done this week other that waiting on patches to download and install.

This Post Has Been Usurped by Wine and Good Conversation

1) I may or may not make typographical and grammatical errors influenced by the 3 glasses o Shiraz I’ve consumed at this point.

2) I haven’t had a chance to call, well, ANYONE who doesn’t have a confirmed blood relation to me in about 3 months–possibly more.

3) I called my blogging partner- in-crime, Kristy, this evening at 6:30

4) I cracked open the shiraz at about the same time

5) It’s past my 00:00 hour due date for this post because we just got through talking (so, over 6 hours on the phone).

In my defense, this blog was (one of) the topic(s) of conversation.  It was actually about 1 year ago that I registered this domain name and began the process of setting up WordPress for the blog you’re reading now.  The research for what hosting service we would ultimately choose began more than a month earlier.  The fact that we didn’t begin posting until several months later is a testament to our procrastination about this endeavor.

Somewhere between freaking one another out with creepy tales of serial killers (which extended the conversation because you CANNOT hang up with someone after freaking both out to the point that sleep is just not going to happen), and updates on family members, we spoke about the future of this project.  What to do in the future?  How to keep you gentle readers entertained?  Projects, series. plans….

In our usual “why-do-today-what-you-can-put-off-until-tomorrow” way, we brainstormed some high level concepts that we marked TBD for our next phone call. But it’s early yet.  By next year, we’ll still be ready for something more entertaining.

And what can you expect beyond more of the same?  Well, no guarantees, but possibly some creative fiction, some new visuals, maybe some audio, and–if we can con any of you, gentle readers, some guest appearances yet to come.

We deeply appreciate every one of you who’s bothered to drop a comment or an e-mail (we more-or-less appreciate those of you who read but don’t comment 😉 ).  You’re always welcome to let us know what changes may want to see in the next year (up to and including comments on how I should leave the writing to Kristy, who can spell and doesn’t post while under the influence of wine).  As always, the comment box is open and if you don’t want to talk here, let us know via e-mail at either of our names (kristy or cammy) dot the domain name.  (Why am I writing it that way?  To avoid spam-bots).