Dizzy Time Vampire Part II

So… I haven’t been good about this “keeping the blog going while Cammy’s in another hemisphere” thing. While this is really because I’m a lazy procrastinator, I’m going to blame it on this week’s time vampire.

About a year and a half ago, I blogged about vertigo as a time vampire. I complained that it made it impossible to do anything and all I could do was lie in bed and watch costume dramas on Netflix. Well I’ve discovered something worse: having vertigo and not being able to lie around doing nothing.

Yeah, my vertigo came back a few weeks ago. The upside is, this time I have a diagnonsense—eustachian tube dysfunction aggravated by an upper respiratory virus. Yeah, I viral infection I totally didn’t notice until the doctor pointed it out. I’d like to pretend it’s surprising that I could have an illness like that and not notice, but… yeah, it’s not at all. So a diagnosis is nice and all, but it’s not a cure. I was given a decongestant and something to help the dizziness. Well the latter did nothing but knock me out. I’m not sure the former did a whole lot more besides make me even more dizzy (listed as possible side effect) and make me drink a shit ton of water.

And the worst part of all of this is, it happened during crunch time. The end of the semester. Right as I was receiving sixty-one 8-12pp final papers. (Almost literally, it started an hour or so before.) So I couldn’t lie around in bed and do nothing. Instead I spent the weekend parked on my couch grading papers. I got through a lot. I’m not sure I did the best job of grading ever, to be honest, but I don’t think my students noticed. If anything I erred on their side, and no one ever complains about getting a grade that’s too good.

But that was all I did. I didn’t decorate for Christmas. I didn’t get any of my own work done. I didn’t even cook meals. Needless to say there was no socializing.

It sucked!

I found I’m actually very efficient in these situations. But efficiency is not the same as quality. I got all my Christmas gifts purchased, but I’m not going to pretend any of them are great. I got to my parents’ for the holiday, but I left my own home a wreck.

So maybe vertigo is more of a quality vampire than a time vampire.

All I know is I’m ready for it to end.