Visiting hours are over…

My parents had to jet off to their current continent of residence today after one of their semi-annual visits for medical, dental appointments, etc.  So, after a couple of weeks of coming home to real people, I came home to a very empty house.

For as much as it drives me nuts when they blast in here, I still get those post-visit blues when they depart.  The inevitable let-down that comes after any company heads home.

Sure, while you have visitors, you’re off your regular schedule, you have to be considerate of someone else, you compromise on TV shows, but when the place goes back to normal, even with the relief, it’s a downer.  Even more of a let down when it’s a visit like this one–where Mom, ya know, cooks awesome food for me to consume in massive quantities (she’s so stoked about getting back into her own kitchen, she goes nuts cooking and stocking the pantry)–and Dad dives into yard work like a kid in a candy store.  Not only am I left with a quite house, all my chores are back, too.



Time Vampire: “We’ll Be At the Airport Friday”

This Week’s Time Vampire is brought to you by my ex-patriot parents.

Who called me on Saturday evening.

To tell me that they would be arriving home Friday.

Here’s the thing:  I’m not a great housekeeper when I am NOT in the middle of a massive project that has me working weekends.

I had a very slight leg up on preparing for their return since I’d already started moving stuff upstairs for my winter hibernation period.  But that hardly made up for the vacuuming, mopping, sweeping, dusting, paper-clearing etc. that just hasn’t happened.

Normally, I have at least two weekends between the time I find out my parents are coming home and their actual arrival.  Not so this time.  And, to make matters more fun, I had a mid-week business trip scheduled already.  There went basically 3 evening’s worth of potential organization/dust removal.

So, all my free time has been sucked away by this effort, and–to rub a bit of salt in the ol’ wound–I do it all with the knowledge that no matter how much effort I put in, and how fantastic the house may look….I will get either sarcastic teasing and/or “helpful hints” from my mother.

It’s a wonder I give in to this vampire at all.

Huzzah for Company!

I’m delighted to say that not only has my co-blogger Kristy showed up at my door for a visit, I also have two of this blog’s readers, Teapot and Mary crashing here at Casa de Cammy.  Despite attempts of flight crews, weather and mechanical issues to thwart this little shindig, by 11:30, we were all ensconced in my vehicle, headed out of the airport.

The docket is not set in stone, but BBQ and a museum dedicated to a sunken steamboat are basically given at this point, as is much catching up, snacking and consuming alcoholic beverages. In fact, these activities have already been taking place, hence the delayed post.

Should whackiness ensue, rest assured it will be cataloged here (to the extent that it would not result in criminal penalties).