Time Vampire Travels Again!

Yes, I know, I bitch about the time wasted during air travel with startling regularity.  But this time, well, this time, I’m beyond justified.

For those of you who’ve made the hellacious trip down to Australia, you get me.  I know you do.  Except for those of you who either got to A) Start on the West Coast or B) Had a direct flight to a major west coast airport.

Yeah.  I have two legs before I ever get to San Francisco.  THEN I make the hop on to Sydney.

And guess what?  Then I get to fly local to a place, which, while I hesitate to refer to it as “the outback” is certainly more off the regular tourist path than I’ve ever had anyone else talk about going (except my friend Jen, who was chillin’ with a local Aussie buddy and no doubt got the insider’s tour).  We’re looking at over 30 hours door to door.

At present, I’m just at the start of all this.  I’m sitting at my initial airport gate, which, sadly, is an American Airlines gate so no nice power outlets or anything here.  There are outlets.  But they’re dead.  Fuckers.  And I know DFW won’t let me have free power because they’re douche-bags as well (and also controlled by American).  Here’s hoping all goes well….and here’s hoping that San Francisco is less stingy with the electricity.

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