Dear Time Vampire Above Me

Tonight’s Time Vampire isn’t exactly a ravenous one.  It’s just a little guy, so it can’t eat up too much of your time.  But we all know how little bits of time slurpage can add up.

Also, you all need to know about this one because it brings the funny.

I was introduced to Dear Girls Above Me by a colleague.  Can’t remember why she brought it up, but she did and then I had to google it.  Then I had to check it every day.  Then I had to read the archive. Then I remembered that there were important things I was supposed to be doing.  Then I kept reading through the archive instead of doing them.

The premise (and you all should know by now that I don’t care whether it’s true as long as it’s funny.  But I would guess this is true) is that the author, Charlie McDowell (son of actors Malcolm McDowell and Mary Steenburgen I’ve recently discovered) (more importantly cousin of Dr. Bashir), posts crazy things he hears from the girls who live above him.  Then he adds short commentary.  Then I snicker.  Or stare in horror (seriously, these girls are not just annoying, they’re annoying and weird.  In a bad way).

The bite on this vamp is small since most of the posts are twitter sized and it’s not always updated daily (what?  Does Charlie have better things to do than creep on his neighbors?  Doesn’t he care about us?).  And it hasn’t been around all that long so the archive will only suck away but so much of your time.  So I recommend you check it out.

Also according to IMDB Charlie and I have the same birthday.  For whatever that’s worth.

Anyway, Dear Girls Above Me has been added to my increasingly long list of sites to check when I don’t want to read about ethnography or study Russian vocab.  When I don’t know a thing about Russian by the end of the semester we’ll blame it on Charlie’s neighbors.

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