Damn You Time Vampire!

Tonight’s Time Vampire comes via a colleague of mine who linked it on Facebook (yes, I know Cammy, it’s a scary place and I shouldn’t go there).  I love this time vampire because it’s updated frequently and consistently brings the funny.

I hate this Time Vampire because it’s frequently updated and consistently brings the funny.  Which means that every time I’m desiring a little procrastination, it provides.  I’ve become quite the junkie.

This vamp is called Damn You Auto Correct! Basically it consists of funny autocorrects from text messages on iPhones.  I’ll confess that having never used an iPhone myself, I don’t quite get it.  My desperately in need of updating cell phone doesn’t have autocorrect.  Any mistakes in my text messages are my own.  Apparently the iPhone feature is malicious?  I don’t know.  I don’t get how it makes some of the corrections it does, but I hope they never fix it.  Because in its present form it’s providing me with lots of funny.  However, my productivity will go way up if they do manage to create a more efficient feature.

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