Very Pretty Vampire

Okay, so my topic for today is less a Time Vampire and more of a Space Vampire, but it does suck up a bit of my time in arranging said space.

It being summer and me not having classes or paid employment (I still have a job. They don’t pay me to do it. I keep doing it. Clearly I am insane.) I’ve been trying to get my apartment in order. It becomes a disaster area over the course of every semester and it takes the entire time in between to even begin to sort it out. Which is why it’s taken me until now to get to a certain area of my bedroom and come to a nasty, though really not all that unexpected, conclusion.

I have a cosmetics problem.

Anyone who knows me in person knows I love make up! I blame it on a couple of factors: 1) I started dance performances at age eight and dance performances require make up, hence it was part of my world from a very early age. 2) My mother was a Mary Kay lady. 3) I went through my teen years with really, really horrible skin. To give you an idea how bad my skin was: I once had a bad asthma attack in gym class and a helpful classmate decided it would help to daub my face with a damp paper towel (it didn’t). By the time I finally recovered the school nurse patted me on the hand and said, “Sweetie… is there someone we can call to bring you some more make up?” Yeah… it was bad.

I’m no longer dancing, Mom broke up with Mary Kay and my acne hasn’t gone away, but it’s improved dramatically. But I still love make up. And although you’re not supposed to keep that stuff for very long, I’m only good about keeping to that when it comes to liquid products that go near my eyes (ie mascara and liquid liner). In recent years I have been diligent about not letting myself buy anything more, but it’s of limited helpfulness at this point. After going through my bedroom and bathroom I now have an entire shoe box filled with nail polish. I probably have enough lipstick/gloss to fill a shoe box too, but it’s spread through multiple containers. I will say I’m much better about eye shadow, but clearly at this point that’s not saying much. And to my credit I only have one blush, but I do also have a bronzer (though I rarely use it. I’m not good with bronzer). Add to that four different forms of foundation, loose powder, shine removers, concealers, etc, etc…

And yeah… I’ve got a problem. The trouble is, what to do about it? I can’t donate it, to my knowledge no charities take open cosmetics (oh yes, they’re all open). And they’re all perfectly good. I know because in my sorting I threw out a bunch that weren’t. And I use make up on a daily basis, but it’s barely making a dent in my store pile. It’s not fair. The only consolation I can give myself is that I got a lot of it free and a lot of the rest of it at a discounted rate. So it’s not the money hole it sounds like.

But I’m afraid I still might end up drowning in it.

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