Sneezy the Time Vampire

I had a whole other Time Vampire planned out.  I had also planned to write about it yesterday.  But my new time vampire interfered.

I have a heinous post-conference death cold.  Because when you take a bunch of academics who are regularly exposed to the germs of hundreds of students, deprive them of more sleep than normal, and seal them up in small rooms together, the result is that many of us get horribly sick.  Like I have.  Right now.

How bad is this cold?  I’ve started voluntarily waterboarding (read: using my neti-pot) twice a day.  Because I am that desperate.  I have to sleep sitting up to prevent the snot from pooling in my head.  I went to teach my first class yesterday with a handful of about 10 tissues and they weren’t enough.  So I had to bring a whole box to my next class.  I feel like I am truly disgusting to be around.

I made one of my favorite desserts ever, tres leches con coco, for a gathering and I couldn’t even taste it!  I ate some of it, but I have no clue what it tasted like.  (I’m told it was delicious, which only makes me feel marginally better.)  I just made birthday sorbet for a friend and I can’t taste test it, so it might taste awful for all I know.

And did I mention I feel like shit?  I’ve been up since 8am and I’ve barely got off the couch.  All I want to do is alternate between drinking hot beverages and holding my head over something steaming.  I have papers to grade, but I’m afraid at this point I’d just fail all my students.

I do not do head colds well.  All will be better when it finally drops to my lungs.

Till then…

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