Portrait of a Time Vampire

The new-toy feel has yet to wear off of my camera (mostly because for the better part of the time I’ve owned it, I’ve not had time to play with it), and I’ve been going a little nuts clicking away (actually it’s more like, clicking away, fiddling with settings, clicking away, switching lenses, clicking away, fiddling some more…).

Hey, Sacagawea! Look over here! Say cheese!

All this bad amateur photography creates an awful lot of total crap to sort through.  This is way more time consuming that it ought to be.  You’d think I could just chuck things and move on, but no.  I keep thinking of salvaging things (despite the fact that the photo was not composed well to start with and the fact that I know that I don’t have re-touch software package installed anywhere handy and the fact that even if I did, I kinda HATE retouching photos on the computer).  So I sort, and re-sort and the amount of crap decreases at a snail’s pace and before I know it….shit, it’s after 11pm and I have to go in to work tomorrow.

There’s actually something in this picture. No. I swear.

So, because I ate up so much of my time on this time vampire, I will cut this post short and attempt to distract you with images (not good ones, but I’m hoping your monkey brain will kick in and say, “ooooh, pictures!”).

This guy likes to chill around the pond behind the house and pick off unsuspecting fish.

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