Trying To Bust a Time Vampire

I made a mistake.

A big one.

I downloaded a game on my phone.

I never thought I would.  I mean, other than Angry Birds, which I downloaded primarily to see what the hype was about.  I was amused, but the pigs piss me the heck off when I don’t destroy them.  That smirk is just too much.

With that potential addiction taken care of, I figured I was safe.  My phone-time-wasting would be on something like Twitter or Wikipedia or reading freebie e-books from Amazon.

But, in a fit of insanity, I wound up downloading a freebie game called Marble Buster.  It really is nothing special.  You launch little colored marbles up from the bottom of the screen, if you hit to connect three or more of the same color, the set disappears.  You’re trying to clear the screen before, as you might expect, the screen moves down and the marbles already on screen touch the bottom.  It’s what happens when brick-break and connect-4 have child.

A demonically addictive bastard child.

It’s just simple enough that it’s easy to start it up and play for a bit.  It’s just frustrating enough to keep you wanting to move up another level, without becoming so much of a piss off that you abandon it (like Angry Birds).

I really do detest myself for doing this.  I’ve lost hours to this game.  It once distracted me from an entire episode of Castle, and not a lot really does that.  More precious minutes, vacuumed away….

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