Time Vampire of the Week: Lifehacker

This has to be one of the most insidious time vamps I’ve ever dealt with, which makes me love it all the more.

Lifehacker is the best collection of  tips, tricks and tools to make your digital life smoother, easier and more efficient (and sometimes your meat-space life, too).  It’s the site that turned me on to Getting Things Done, and which has given me countless shortcuts I’ve used both at home and at work.

So how does a site that is basically about time management and  doing things faster and better qualify as a sucker of time?

Oh, just visit the link.  It’s like the Lay’s potato chip of sites: you can’t read just one article.  You keep looking, keep learning and before you know it, the most time-beneficial thing you could have happen is a power failure to disconnect you so that you might actually take the stuff you’ve been reading for the past 4 hours and implement it, rather than reading about that better, faster way to keep your Outlook calendar clear of unwanted meetings.

Lifehacker, I love you, but you’re a little bit evil.

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