Pint-sized Time Vampire

It’s midsemester.  Otherwise known as the season where I start having thoughts like, “If I were in jail, no one could make me finish this paper.”  And then I start genuinely pondering what I could do to get me sent to jail, just long enough to avoid the rest of the semester.  And due to a couple other things I won’t go into, I’ve kind of been in a rotten mood.  A mood that was saved by this week’s time vampire.

I don’t have any personal beef with “mommy bloggers.”  I even know a few.  I think they’re swell.  I imagine.  I have to be honest, I’ve only sampled them.  ‘Cause for an outsider… well, their appeal is limited.  I can see where for mothers of small children it’s probably helpful to hear from other mothers of small children and get advice, know they’re not alone, etc.  But you have to wonder sometimes, how do their kids feel about being used for social networking?

Enter Bedtimes are for Suckers which one of my online friends linked last week.  This blog is run by four-year-old Lily, who’s determined to show the other side of the story.  Lily counters her mother’s mommy blog and lets us know what kids are really thinking.  For someone who’s twenty-six years away from preschool years, it’s enlightening.  Now I understand how difficult it is for children to have their parents rifle through their candy on Halloween.  And how munchkins manipulate adults.  And that there are others who lie awake at night wondering what will happen if the world runs out of cake.

Okay, okay, so the real reason I like this time vampire should be obvious by now.  Lily brings the funny.  In quantities so large the belie her small size.  And this week, I’ve really needed a laugh.  So I haven’t had a lot of time for the vampires to suck away, but I gladly let Lily suck a bit of it up.  She deserved it.

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