MTV, MPB Gives Thanks

Okay, so Cammy and I have been bad about posting this week.  She’s been busy and I’ve been traveling and… yeah.  But we wanted to make sure to send out a Happy Thanksgiving (sorry to our Canadian readers for missing your holiday) to our gentle and not-so-gentle readers.  Because it might be my television and Cammy’s peanut butter, but that’s no reason we can’t share a celebratory meal, a nutritive communion if you will, together.

I’m here at Cammy’s house where we’ve just had our Thanksgiving dinner.  Not being turkey people we had ham (not Virginia ham, but good nonetheless).  Cammy made cornbread dressing (not stuffing since it wasn’t stuffed in anything).  I made carmelized cauliflower and sweet potatoes with olive oil and Italian seasoning.  And I just had canned cranberry sauce for the first time in my life (Cammy has this thing about slicing it on the lines).  Oh yes, and fried green tomatoes.

Long story short—it’s been delicious.  We’ve also just polished off our third glass of wine (one each of Indiana Foch and two of Missouri Norton).  We’re watching Dogma (well, I’m watching Dogma, Cammy’s asleep.)  Cammy’s cat Truffles has been snuggling on my lap on and off.  Definitely a day to be thankful for.

Oh yes, and lest anyone forget, the first recognized Thanksgiving celebration in what is now the United States was in Virginia.  Not Massachusetts.  (Yeah, we did it first, we did it better.)

We here at It’s My TV, It’s My Peanut Butter are thankful for you, our readers.  We’re thankful for kitties.  We’re thankful for wine and delicious carbs.  And that there will be ice cream later.  Mmmm… carbs.

So have a happy holiday.  I’m thinking of the day as a vacation from my life.  Or the three papers I should have been writing today (although Dogma bears more than a passing resemblance to Middle English Romance.)  May you all indulge in whatever it is you like to indulge in so that you may go back to your real life fortified enough to make it through to the next celebration.

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