Spinning my Potluck Wheels

I don’t know if this happens to everyone, but I have this weird tendency to get myself into these cooking ruts.  Not so much when I’m cooking for myself (though I generally live on a diet of rice and beans and spinach, so I suppose that could be argued) but when I’m cooking for group functions.

Back when I was working on my master’s degree I brought my gingerbread (from an 18th Century recipe) to a department holiday party.  I was required to bring it to every department function afterwards.  I was even threatened that my committee would not sign my thesis if I didn’t bring it to my own graduation party.

Over all this was not a problem; I like gingerbread too, it’s a fairly easy recipe, and it’s gratifying to know people like your cooking.  But I started to worry people thought that was all I knew how to cook.  And it’s not!  I’m actually a reasonably decent cook with a decent repertoire, but I’m guessing everyone there think all I know how to make is gingerbread.

The same thing has happened here, only with a completely different recipe.  This time around it’s roasted chickpeas/garbanzo popcorn.  In some ways this is great because roasted chickpeas are really easy to make.  But again… I’m more than just my garbanzos.  But I’m kind of worried that people don’t want to know that.

The only way I ever seem to relieve myself of stagnation is making multiple recipes.  This is extra work, but prevents me getting exiled from parties.  I cook the “required” dish and then something else.  This week our weekly Buffy the Vampire Slayer Potluck (Yeah… don’t judge!) has a taco motif.  I couldn’t let the night we were doing Mexican food pass without me making something at least vaguely Mexican.  And I had just found guava paste at the local healthfood/Middle Eastern grocery so I made guava empanadas.

Then panic set in.  What if they’re really mad about the lack of chickpeas.  So tomorrow I’m getting up early so that I can make chickpeas just so that no one throws me out of a gathering to watch a show that’s fully available on Netflix.

Yeah… there’s got to be a better way to handle this….

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