Technical difficulties

Apologies for the lack of a Friday post.  Bigger apologies if you couldn’t reach the site.  I spent about 4 hours on Friday evening trying to get connected to the site so I could post my entry, but alas, the Internet Overlords (or at least the web hosting overlords) were against me (and if they were against you between the hours of 8 and midnight, please leave a comment–I’m still trying to narrow down the reasons for the issue).  So, I’m going to try to post this back-dated (don’t want to take the top spot from Kristy).

Coincidentally, I was going to blog about another technical difficulty which tried to ruin my Friday:  my car wouldn’t (and still won’t) start.  She drove just fine Monday, and cranked with no issue Tuesday (before I opted to drive my Mom’s car instead since it hasn’t been out of the garage in a while).

I hate not being able to fix things myself, unfortunately the time it would take me to work on the car and figure out the problem, well, I just don’t have it.  I can narrow down all the obvious stuff (the battery is fine as are the connections to the battery, she’s not leaking any fluids, nothing looks obviously disconnected under the hood and her fuses appear to be okay).  She attempts to turn over when I crank it, but just never does.  There are some other things I could work on checking (spark plugs and connectors, the starter itself…), but again it goes back to time and lack of familiarity–while my conceptual knowledge of the operation of my car is enough to keep me from feeling totally embarrassed, the hands-on part makes me feel utterly ridiculous.  I mean, I know the role of the starter and basically how it operates, but I’ll be damned if I could actually pop the hood of a car and point to it with an certainty.

So, since I have two other vehicles that need driving, I’m very lucky.  I’ll be waiting until my next Friday off work to call up the tow service connected to my repair shop of choice.  And when it turns out to be some easy-peasy fix, I’ll try to assuage my feelings of inadequacy and stupidity by reminding myself that the cost will be worth it for the time and frustration I save.

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