Kitty Calorie Counts

Lately I have a new minor obsession.  I’ve been doing a lot of research into portion sizes and calorie counts.  Turning to the internet for more information than comes on the food labels.  Looking at weight charts.  I’ve even been thinking about getting a scale.

Those of you who know me well enough are probably thinking at this, “WTF?”  I don’t count calories.  I loathe the concept of dieting.  I flat out refuse to own a scale and the only times I ever get weighed are when I’m at the doctor.  So what gives?

The answer?  None of this is for me.  It’s all for my cat.  Yes, it’s poor little Wash whose calories are being monitored.  Now let me be clear that Wash is not overweight.  Yet.  The problem is house cats have a tendency to get heavy.  There are a lot of health issues that are associated with overweight cats—more so than there are in humans.  And I’ve been in the position of trying to make an overweight cat lose weight and it isn’t fun for anyone involved.  So we’re trying to head it off at the pass.

On top of that I’m up against Wash’s lingering feral mentality towards food.  He doesn’t yet believe that I’m going to keep feeding him.  So if there is food he can reach, he must eat it ALL!  As fast as he can!  Someone might steal it!  And occasionally he finds it necessary to steal peanut butter cookies from his Mommy.  *Kristy tries to give Wash a dirty look, but he’s too adorable sleeping in her lap*  This means if I don’t closely control the amount of food he has access to, he’s gonna get heavy real fast.  Especially since he’s getting fixed on Thursday and that slows down their metabolism.

So at the vet’s suggestion I’ve been incorporating some canned food into his diet because it’s amazing how low in calories that stuff is compared with the dry stuff.  He can have a whole can of food, plus another third of another can per day or half a cup of the dried stuff.  We’re mixing it up so he gets canned food right before mommy goes to sleep (this means his tummy is full so he’s less likely to wake up Mommy) and dry food the rest of the time.  The problem is cat food does not include calorie information.  So I’ve been having to search for all this info online.

And I’m happy to do it because he’s my baby and I love him no matter what size he is (or how many cookies he steals), but sometimes I pause and think, “When did I become this pet owner?”

3 Responses to “Kitty Calorie Counts”

  1. Audrey says:

    Hey Leaping Princess ;-),

    My cats both lost weight on Evo (both canned & dry) — not that I’m necessarily advocating that particular brand, mind you, as there are other good ones. I think one of the more important factors to look for is grain-free. The cats don’t need grains, so it’s just filler that ends up making ’em fat!

    Speak of the devil (one of them, at least), my pretty Anna girl just informed me that she’s HUNGRY — “Mehr! Mehr! *purrrr* *purrRR* Mehr!” Then she jumps up on the desk and looks me straight in the eye while purring loudly. *sigh* So I’m off to feed Ms. Priss some Evo! *snort*

  2. Bridget says:

    That’s why Boo’s food is kept on a shelf in my closet, catty corner to another shelf that has many obstacles on it, thereby decreasing the chance of her getting to the bag and moving in. Also, I should get her more wet food! I found a good organic brand that’s not too expensive…sadly I only have $2 to my name right now, but when there’s more money, she will get the foods!!

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