If I Disappear….Question the Squash.

First, Happy Canada Day!  Hope our neighbors to the north had a great celebration.  I marked the occasion rocking out to the annual Radio 3 “Sing For Your Song” podcast special, followed by a lot of back podcasts of Shelagh Rogers’ “The Next Chapter.”


My squash really are going to kill me.

Last year it was the tomato plant that went nuts.  This year it’s the squash.  I actually spent time whacking off leaves today because they’re choking out the eggplants, the cherry tomato and the Hungarian pepper.  Even the separate container of dill had to be rolled further away to escape the encroachment.  This damn stuff is working toward a manifest destiny in which all of Missouri is covered in patty pan squash.

I lament that I didn’t get a chance to post this earlier, or I’d run out and take photos of these beasts.  I may yet come back and update this with some visual aids.  I’ve helped out with a lot of squash plants in my life, but these are proving to be more….aggressive.  And I swear they really are headed closer to the back door every day….

On the upside, there were 3 ready to be harvested and tons more lurking on the way.  Normally I would have photographed these initial yields from the garden, but I was hungry, tired and lazy and opted just to sautee and eat them (yes, part of this hurry was out of a slight fear that they might eat me first).

So if you y’all don’t hear from me for a long period of time….call the police, tell them to bring glyphosate and be prepared to question the squash heavily.

Update:  I braved the plants to take the following.  Not sure I’ll try it again.  They’re now in cahoots with the mosquitoes.  I can’t win against that kind of power.

My hand trying to push back the encroaching squash plant. That’s not the largest leaf…

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