Step One: Ending the Satellite

As I mentioned last month, I am embarking on an adventure the likes of which I haven’t had since dwelling in the law school dorms:  I’m ditching TV.

Today, I finally got a chance to call and cancel the satellite.  Since that’s actually paid for the next month, it will be several more weeks before it’s truly gone, but it was nice to make the arrangements.  I was prepared to do more battle with the gal on the phone, but she was oddly friendly, and while she mentioned that there were lower tiers I could drop to, she didn’t push when I told her I wasn’t interested.

Ditching Netflix is the next step.  Since my decision to cut them out is based largely on their price hike bullshit, I’m going to wait a little longer.  I’ll get billed once more before the price increases which will carry me through to just a few days after the satellite ends.  I’ll milk this one for another month at the $10 cost, then it’s auf wiedersehen to that one too.

I am truly looking forward to what it will be like without those two time sucks.  Just for the shear change of it all.  And it’s not like I don’t have steady signals and plenty of channels with rabbit ears–in fact, my ability to pull up a local weather map was zero on the satellite, where it’s 24/7 on the new digital channels.  Plus, there are 3 PBS’s instead of just the one.  And if over-the-air fails, I still have a cache of DVDs to keep me entertained, and the library’s just up the street for more.

But mostly, I’m looking to make a dent in The Stack, which, unfortunately, gained 2 more books when I visited the soon-to-be-gone Borders (and they have lots more to discount so I might have another few to come…).  I might actually get decent at writing a book review…..

The current plan is to stay Netflix-free until PBS finishes running the second season of Downton Abbey (which starts up again in January).  Why?  Honestly, no reason, other than that I know myself and when this show finally comes back it will be all I want to watch for several weeks so anything else is a waste.  After that, we’ll revisit the situation.



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